Dr Alicia Kidd

Postdoctoral Researcher

Faculty and Department

  • Institutes
  • Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation


  • BSocSc (University of Manchester)
  • MA (University of Manchester)
  • PhD (University of Hull)


Alicia is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Wilberforce Institute. Her research focuses on the topics of 'modern slavery' and human trafficking. She also works with the Risk Assessment Service, supporting businesses to identify and mitigate risk of labour exploitation in their supply chains.

Journal Article

Approaching contemporary slavery through an historic lens: an interdisciplinary perspective

Nelson, R., & Kidd, A. (2018). Approaching contemporary slavery through an historic lens: an interdisciplinary perspective. Journal of modern slavery, 4(2), 1-20

Research interests

'Modern slavery'

Human trafficking

Supply chains and labour exploitation

Conflict and exploitation

National Referral Mechanism

Practitioner responses to 'modern slavery'

Awards and prizes

High Sheriff's Award


Alicia has received a High Sheriff’s award in recognition of great and valuable services to the community in relation to her work on modern slavery.

Top 100 Modern Slavery Influencers


In 2018, Alicia was recognised as one of the UK's Top 100 Corporate Modern Slavery Influencers.

Conference organisation

Anti-Slavery Day Modern Slavery Workshop


A conference hosting 60 front line practitioners across Humberside. The conference involved participants working through a theoretical scenario of modern slavery in the local area in order to identify potential gaps and set actions in order to overcome them.

Conference presentation

Unavoidable Exploitation? How Conflict Drives Human Trafficking


This paper was presented at 'Project Solebay' conference at St Mary's University, organised by Trilateral Research. It focused on the drivers of human trafficking in conflict and post-conflict situations in order to understand the conflict-specific vulnerabilities that put people most at risk. May 2019.

Empty Gestures and System Testers: Government Hypocrisy in the Face of Modern Slavery


This paper was presented at St Mary's Centre for the Study of Modern Slavery at St Mary's University. Based on findings from in-depth interviews with individuals who have experienced ‘modern slavery’, or who have been placed at risk by government systems, this paper examined the underlying hypocrisy of a government that, on one hand, claims to ‘lead the way in defeating modern slavery’ and, on the other, puts people at direct risk of exploitation. May 2019.

Economic Exploitation: A Comparative Case Study of the Cost of Human Smuggling


This paper was presented at the Economic History Society Conference, Queen's University, Belfast 2019. It was based on case studies of individuals who hired smugglers and discussed how individual wealth can impact on the likelihood of a situation of smuggling becoming one of trafficking. March 2019.

Practical Approaches to Modern Slavery Victim Care


This conference was based around Victim Care Pathways regarding modern slavery, held at the University of Hull. The presentation provided a case study example of a large scale case of modern slavery in the local area in order to encourage practitioners to identify the steps they would need to take to provide the best victim care. March 2019.

The Policy Responses to Modern Slavery and their Implementation in Light of Immigration Policy


A paper on the hypocrisy of a government claiming to prioritise modern slavery whilst simultaneously implementing policies that increase risk of modern slavery. This paper focuses on the UK asylum system and the hostile environment. This was presented at the 'Critical Perspectives on Modern Slavery: Law, Policy and Society' conference at the Wilberforce Institute, University of Hull. October 2019.

Transparency in the Supply Chain


A conference for legal practitioners working in the area of modern slavery/trafficking from varied legal backgrounds such as immigration, public law and employment. This paper tackles Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act, looking at its strengths, flaws and predicting upcoming amendments. Garden Court, London, November 2019.


Vice Chair of the Humber Modern Slavery Partnership


Alicia has been the Vice Chair of the Humber Modern Slavery Partnership since 2016. The Partnership is a strategic forum of front line organisations across Humberside dedicated to tackling all forms of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Freedom Talks: Modern Day Slavery Panelist 2017


Alicia was a panelist at Hull's Freedom Festival's Freedom Talk in 2017 where she provided an overview of the issues of modern slavery and human trafficking locally, nationally and internationally.

Freedom Talks: Modern Day Slavery Panelist 2019


A panellist at the Freedom Festival Freedom Talk, in conversation on labour exploitation.

ESRC Festival of Social Sciences Funding


Faces of Hull: interpreting refugees, slaves and migrants. Working with local schools to encourage children to use artwork to depict their interpretations of slaves, migrants and refugees.

Freedom Talks: In Conversation with Guardian Investigative Journalist Annie Kelly


Panel discussion with award-winning human rights journalist and editor of the Guardian’s Modern-day slavery in focus series Annie Kelly