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School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences research

Our research brings together experts in maths, physics and chemistry. It also incorporates the specialisms of colleagues across the University to shed light on the mysteries of the universe.

Physics has a long-established and thriving research culture, with a mixture of experimental and theoretical research groups. Maths research is also interdisciplinary and spans the areas of pure maths, applied maths and statistics.

Our chemists conduct world-class research in fields from drug synthesis to advanced functional materials, and from imaging agents to miniaturised chemistry on lab-on-a-chip platforms. The most recent national Research Excellence Framework found 87% of our outputs to be 'world leading' or 'internationally excellent'.


Born in Hull, Edward Arthur Milne, FRS (1896-1950), was a world-leading cosmologist. Our astrophysics research portfolio is closely aligned with Milne's work, spanning the structure of spiral galaxies, atmospheres of stars, and cosmology and the early universe.

E A Milne Centre

The George W Gray Centre for Advanced Materials

This centre is named in honour of the scientist who pioneered liquid crystal display technology at Hull in the 1970s. Its work strengthens the University’s position as a world leader in advanced materials research. Building on Professor Gray’s legacy, it also incorporates research areas including photonic and electronic materials, biomaterials, nanomaterials, energy-related materials, colloids, polymers, metals and composites.

Research THEMES


Research in the Faculty of Science and Engineering

From understanding how the Earth is responding to climate change to developing miniaturised platforms for chemical synthesis, clinical diagnostics and environmental analysis, our research addresses real-world problems.


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