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Sport, Health and Exercise Science Facilities

Students studying Sport, Health and Exercise Science at Hull benefit from some of the country's leading specialist facilities.


Sports Rehabilitation Suite

The sports rehabilitation suite accommodates practical classes, lectures and also the student-led Sports Injury Clinic.

It is based within the Health and Human Performance Lab which means it has easy access to a range of biomechanical analysis equipment.

Environmental Chamber

Our environment chamber is one of very few in the country large enough to accommodate a whole team and not just one individual athlete.

The chamber can control temperature from minus 20 to 50 degrees Celsius, relative humidity between 10 and 90%, and it can simulate altitude up to 8,000 metres.

It contains a motorised Woodway treadmill and other equipment to measure cardiovascular measurements such as blood flow and cardiac output during exercise.

See our environment chamber in action here.

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Exercise Physiology Teaching Laboratory

Our teaching lab is where students learn the fundamental practical skills of exercise physiology.

Students measure and observe variables such as oxygen uptake, blood lactate and glucose, heart rate, blood pressure, ventilation and core body temperature at rest and during exercise.

Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory

This facility features a wide range of high-spec equipment including automated spectrophotometers, micro-plate readers, a haematology analyser, blood lactate and glucose analysers, a blood gas/electrolyte analyser, and a treadmill capable of speeds up to 40km/h with a 30% incline.

This equipment is used with recovering patients, 'normal' participants and elite athletes. Students also use the lab to take part and assist in research projects being carried out by our expert staff.

[Image 400Exercise Physiologyx400]
Performance Analysis Suite

Performance Analysis Suite

Our Performance Analysis Suite enables us to record and analyse sporting performances via video or DVD footage.

Analysts use Apple iMac and MacBook Pro computers and SportsCode software to tag key events during performances.

Our staff and students have been using it to help football and rugby clubs, including Hull City, Hull KR, Scunthorpe United and Doncaster Rovers, track individual and team performances during matches.

Health and Human Performance Laboratory

The £1.5 million Health and Human Performance Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility for teaching, research and sport science support in the field of biomechanics.

Students learn to use the equipment to conduct detailed analyses of sports movements, focusing on performance enhancement and injury prevention.

The lab has been equipped to a high standard with a 10 camera high-speed 3D motion capture system linked to five integrated AMTI and Kistler force plates.

It also features 16 channel wireless EMG, a Biodex isokinetic dynamometer, an EquiTest analyser for dynamic posturography, a motorised Woodway treadmill, and a strength and conditioning area.

[Image 400xBarbell Lift in Biomechanics Lab400]

Sports science services and consultancy

Sports Injury Clinic

The Sports Injury Clinic is a student-led centre for the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. It is available to university staff and students, as well as elite athletes from the local area.

Sport Science Support

Our Sport Science Support Unit offers a range of services using the latest scientific methods, including fitness tests, lab tests, dietary analysis, field tests and physical training advice.

Consulting Services

Using our extensive facilities and expertise, we provide consultancy services to help businesses and sports organisations improve performance.

View full details of our services and book or for further information, please email

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New campus sports facilities

Our students will benefit from the University's £16-million investment in a state-of-the-art upgrade of its sporting facilities.

It includes a new sports centre featuring a new strength and conditioning suite, a 120-station fitness suite and a 12-court sports facility - including international-standard netball courts - to make the University the regional hub for netball.

A new football hub - created with support from the Premier League and the Football Association - includes the region's only third generation (3G) artificial grass pitch to meet international standards for both football and rugby.

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