Placement Learning Unit

Placements are a key part of our programmes. That's why we have a special team - the Placement Learning Unit - to work with our practice partners and support our students while they are on placement.

The School of Health and Social Work PLU team work with our practice partners to support students' practice-based learning. We act as a link between Faculty of Health and Social Care and our placement providers. Placements are in a range of contemporary health and social care settings in acute, community, public health and long-term care environments.

We allocate students' practice placements and provide administrative and academic support to departments for programmes that involve practice experience.

Mentors / Practice Educators 

Registering and maintaining a mentor registration and information and guidance for mentors to support students on placement.

If you have any questions or queries about the documents please contact your Placement Learning Facilitator / Clinical Skills Tutor, Link Lecturer or Sally Carline.

Mentor updates - sessions and workshops

North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust

Nursing Degree and Nursing Associate Updates

How to maintain your mentor registration

Policies and guidance to support mentors with students on placement

Nursing (adult, child, learning disability and mental health)

Mentor handbook

The mentor handbook and FAQs provides guidance and support to mentors in completing the PAD and OAR documents.

Practice Assessment Documents (PAD)

Ongoing Achievement Records (OAR)



Practice Assessment Documents (PAD)

Practice module: 1, 3, 4, 5, PG1, PG2, PG3, S1, S2, S3

Nursing Associate

Practice documentation

Operating Department Practice

Paramedic Science

Raising practice concerns

Students spend 50% of their programme in practice so it is important that this experience meets the standards required by both professional and funding bodies such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council and Health Education England (working across Yorkshire and Humber).

Ensuring the quality of the practice experience is a joint responsibility between the practice provider, the student and the University. One way this is achieved is through the audit process where practice, the student and the university link lecturer come together regularly to review the learning experience, look at examples of good practice and consider any actions for future development. The audit tool used can be found on the Yorkshire and Humber Health Education England website and the process is outlined in the audit process document.

We have provided a page should you need to raisie a concern that will provide you with advice and contact details for helping yourself, a friend or family member with life and academic issues . Remember, there's no 'right' or 'wrong' reason to access the Health and Wellbeing Service.

Practice experience evaluation and reporting of practice concerns

Another important way practice providers, the student and the University develop the quality of practice is through student evaluation and reporting of any concerns. Below are links to the processes used in the School of Health and Social Work.


Our staff

For any general enquiries about the Placement Learning Unit please contact us.

Our staff contact details
Contact details for the Placement Learning Unit
Name Job title  TelephoneEmail 
Tony Chambers Practice Learning Educator & Director of Placement Learning +44 (0)1482 464524
Sally Carline Administrator for Mentor Verification and Placement Audits +44 (0)1482 464584
Karen Hillison Social Work Practice Co-ordinator +44 (0)1482 464522
Lynn Reeves-Wray Social Work Placements Administrator +44 (0)1482 463356
Haylie Mason Practice Placement Officer – Administrating Placements for Adult: North Bank and Child Branches
Also cover for - Adult: South Bank / Learning Disabilities / Mental Health / Midwifery Branches
+44 (0)1482 465610

Practice learning support team

The practice learning support team are health care professionals based across the North and South Banks of the Humber.  
Members of the team have different titles - PLF (Practice Learning Facilitator), CST (Clincial Support Tutor) and PLE (Practice Learning Educator) depending on the organisation they support - but ultimately have the same role.

The team leads on the development and maintenance of quality placements for the full range of students undertaking educational training within the local health care community, ensuring that sufficient capacity is available at all times.

Practice learning support team contact list

Student Hub (University of Hull)

Tel: +44 (0)1482 463342