International Experience

To help you build an international perspective into your future academic or professional career, the Faculty of Business, Law and Politics provides a wide range of opportunities to experience the global business environment.

In today’s truly global society, there are very few barriers to living and working across the world.

That is why all Business School and Law and Politics students are given the opportunity to gain international experience as part of your degree programme, readying you for the demands of the global world of work.

Study Abroad

The International Year Abroad is a fantastic opportunity that is offered to both Hull University Business School and School of Law and Politics students.


"There was no better way of spending my third year. I now have experience that sets me apart from the rest!"

Brian Randall
International Year Abroad, Edith Cowan University

Our partnership agreements mean that you do not have to pay any tuition fees to the partner and are only required to pay 15% of your tuition fees to the University of Hull. This allows you to remain a Hull student for the duration of your International Year and can therefore be a cost effective option.

Your classes will be taught entirely in English so you do not need to speak another language. Some institutions may offer an optional intensive language and orientation course to enhance your experience before your course officially begins.

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Summer Schools ABROAD

The Faculty of Business, Law and Politics offers a taste of life abroad where students are able to study at a partner university for between 2 – 6 weeks, depending on the institution. The outgoing International Summer School programme has been running for several years and the number of destinations is expanding.


"Hong Kong was quite simply one of the best experiences of my life."

Mark Aston
Summer School, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Each Summer School offers a comprehensive programme which includes fantastic academic, cultural and social activities. Students are given the opportunity to use the credits gained over the summer to replace the free elective at the next level or simply use the experience as extra credit. Whichever you choose, a transcript from the host will be provided to use as evidence to potential future employers or further study.

Funding may be available to help with or cover costs and some of our partner universities waive tuition fees, meaning you will only be required to pay for your travel, accommodation, food and personal expenses.

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You have the opportunity to participate at the end of your 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even 4th year of study.



Our Summer Schools provide students with first class management techniques to develop your skills for global business. Drawing upon our expertise in finance and accounting, logistics, international trade and investment law and international politics, our Summer Schools help to prepare future business, legal and political professionals to build successful careers in the multicultural and complex global business environment.

We offer all-inclusive packages combining an excellent academic programme with company visits, social events, days out and cultural excursions. This is an exceptional opportunity to study at one of the UK’s highly regarded Faculties, as well as having several weeks of fun!

Our Summer School is a bespoke programme offered to students from partner universities and can be tailor-made according to the partner’s requirements. If you are interested in spending your summer at the University of Hull, please contact your relevant faculty coordinator to nominate you to our summer programme.

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