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American Studies - Year Abroad

The 'American Year' is an amazing opportunity for you to fully immerse yourself in the culture, history and politics of the USA through a year studying at an American university, fully supported by Study American Studies at Hull at the University of Hull.

Whether you choose to stay in one place, or travel the breadth of the country with your newfound friends, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live life as an American student.

You can choose to spend your year in one of our 30+ partner campuses across the US, and we will guide you through the process of getting there – from assistance with the application and visa processes, to researching for yourself the history and culture of the state and city in which you will be living.

This experience will give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture. You will have unforgettable experiences, memories and gain practical skills and new friends, all of which you will benefit from for years to come. This experience will also equip you with the confidence and skills to enable you to work anywhere in the world during your working life. A period of study abroad enhances your CV and also your employability.

One of our strengths is the level of support that we give to students studying abroad. Although you are heading abroad on your own journey of discovery, Hull and your tutors are on-hand to guide and advise if you need any help.

American Studies Hannah Townsend UNI-0184

During my year abroad, I got to experience Thanksgiving and travel the length and breadth of California. I would recommend it to anyone because it really is a life-changing experience.

Hannah Townsend
BA (Hons), American Studies