Top 10 Instagrammable places in Hull

We could just say they’re beautiful, brilliant, breathtaking. But words can’t do justice to these places. You’ve got to see them for yourself. Then take loads of photos…

#1 Seventh floor of the Brynmor Jones Library

Call us biased, but we think this is the best spot for a panoramic view of Hull. It’s beautiful any time of the day, any day of the year – even when it’s pouring with rain. But there are those extra special sights you’ll never forget, too. Like when the sun is setting, or the snow has settled, or the fireworks are out for Bonfire Night.

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 #2 Humber Street

Now the beating heart of Fruit Market’s £80m regeneration project, Humber Street is ripe with cafés, bars, restaurants, boutiques and art galleries. And amateur photographers.

 #3 The Humber Bridge

A reminder you’re home whenever you return, the Humber Bridge is probably the first thing you’ll see when you get into Hull. It’s also a popular spot for professional photographers and casual Instagrammers alike.

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 #4 The Deep

Turn off your filters – they’re not needed here. The world’s only submarium, and one of Hull’s most iconic buildings, is home to sharks, penguins and over 35,000 fish.

 #5 Prince Street

This is Hull’s most photographed street. And for good reason. A row of colourful Georgian houses line a curved cobbled road, which leads you through an archway and on to Trinity Square.

 #6 Hull Minster (Trinity Church)

It’s hard to find a bad angle of Hull Minster. But we especially love catching its reflection in the mirror pools at the entrance, and in the bronze windows of the office building on Market Place.

 #7 Queen Victoria Square

Named after its statue of a young Queen Victoria, the Square is home to some of Hull’s most magnificent architecture. You’ll find the commanding buildings of the Town Hall, Maritime Museum and Ferens Art Gallery here. Plus our new water feature and light installation.

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 #8 Hull Fair

No matter how many times we’ve seen it, the view of Hull Fair at night from the top of the ferris wheel always leaves us speechless.

 #9 Bankside Gallery

Inspired by Banksy’s artwork on Scott Street Bridge in Hull, volunteers created a new street art quarter, Bankside, in March 2018. Every day, new graffiti art appears from Clough Road to North Bridge.

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 #10 Hepworth's Arcade

Built in 1897, this Grade II listed, glass-roofed arcade was where Mr Marks and Mr Spencer opened one of their first penny bazaars. Now it’s best known for popular Hull haunts and landmarks like Beasley’s clothing shop, Dinsdale’s Jokes & Tricks, and Fanthorpes HiFi.