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What is Clearing?

Clearing is an opportunity. It’s how you get a place at uni if you don’t have one already – for whatever reason that might be.

It’s full of options. If you do better or worse in your exams than planned, or have a last-minute change of heart, it gives you the choice to apply, switch or upgrade.

It might be your first step to a degree. Or maybe it’s your next one. Whatever your reason, this is your way in.

The truth about clearing

4 steps to securing your place

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Find a course

Use the course finder above to see all courses available through Clearing.

Apply online or over the phone

Complete our online form or call our Clearing hotline on 01482 466100 to apply. Then we can make you an offer …

Accept our verbal offer

Click ‘Add Clearing choice’ in UCAS Track, and enter our institution details and your course. This is sent to us so we can do the most important bit …

We’ll confirm your place

Congratulations! Check the choices page in UCAS Track to see that we’ve confirmed your place. Now you can relax and get ready for September.

My Clearing story

Meet Ellie

"With the help of people around me, I turned it into something really good."

We've got a room with your name on - guaranteed

Thinking that all the good rooms are gone? Think again. With us, you're guaranteed a place in one of our 2,300+ rooms on campus as long as you apply by October 1.

  • Range of contract lengths
  • En-suite rooms available
  • Choose semi-catered or self-catered
Courtyard Accomodation UoH-Day-3-1107C