Staff and student engagement

Looking to develop skills in sustainability and environmental management? Take advantage of the free professional advice/assistance we can offer.

  • Have an idea and you want help to make it happen?
  • Learn more about environmental issues and sustainable good practice
  • Work within a tangible framework to implement change, volunteering and placement opportunities
  • Recognition within the university, locally and professionally for your efforts
  • Insight into what staff, the City Council, voluntary organisations and other universities and colleges are doing
  • Develop communication skills with other staff and students
  • The opportunity to support the Student Union and the University’s sustainability agenda

Contact us if you want to take part or have a project idea which needs assistance. Our door and minds are always open to discuss innovative ideas.

Engagement Strategy

The University is committed to including both staff and students in the development and monitoring of our Carbon Management Plan.

The University engages with the Trade and Student Unions for all aspects of environmental management; this is primarily achieved by encouraging participation in our ISO14001 Management Committee, providing oversight for both strategy and policy decisions. Our target for this year is to provide opportunities for at least 4 students/staff members to join said committee. Following the successful graduation of our previous members we would like to promote this further with offers being included in both training and inductions. If this is of interest please also feel free to contact Phil White for further details.

Current Initiatives that you may like to consider

Car-Share – The University has entered into partnership with Liftshare the UKs largest car sharing host. Although currently we are only offering this to staff via a soft marketing launch we aim to also include students via a more dedicated campaign following the start of the new academic year. The initial target is to reduce Scope 3 travel emissions by 5% demonstrated by the Liftshare Portal in the first year of takeup.

University Allotments – The University has allotments available for both staff and students, advice and assistance is available via our grounds team.

NUS Student Switch Off campaign – We are looking for new student ambassadors for this year’s Green Week campaign, if you are keen to be involved in reducing energy and waste in your accommodation please contact Stewart Hugill

Environmental Sustainability Campaigns – The focus this year is to ensure that all staff and students receive training and offers of participation, at the start of the new academic year. We would look to follow this with a series of weekly campaigns at the beginning of each subsequent term aimed at reducing both waste and energy consumption by 5% on the previous term for both academic and residential properties. Please feel free to contact Stewart Hugill for further info.

Bike Hub/Green travel – The University provides a subsidised bike hire service with opportunities for students to learn about maintenance under a professional engineer.

Trade/Student Unions – We engage with the Unions in all aspects of Environmental management, please feel free to approach your rep should you wish to discuss any proposals via this avenue.

Induction Training – All new staff and students are provided with copies of our polices and Environmental training/information as part of their induction process.

ISO 14001:2015 Committee members – Following the successful graduation of our current student reps on the committee we are looking to recruit new members following the start of the new (2017) academic year. This provides an opportunity to be involved with both our current Environmental management and also help further development of our overall Sustainability Strategy and Carbon Management Plans.

Living Lab – The University is committed to offering all appropriate areas of the estate up to be included as a “Living Lab”. Currently we are working with the Innovation Department looking at residential metering and control systems but would be keen to expand this subject to suitability for any Environmental or Energy reduction schemes/ideas.