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Student misconduct

Where a member of staff is made aware of an allegation of misconduct against a student who is registered at the University of Hull, they must ask the person making the complaint if they want the allegation to be submitted for investigation as a case of misconduct under the Student Disciplinary Regulations.

An allegation of student misconduct must be submitted for investigation if the individual reporting the allegation wants the allegation to be investigated, or if the staff member receiving the complaint considers, having exercised his/her judgment, that it is in a student’s or students’ best interests for the allegation to be investigated.

Staff can complete and submit a Misconduct Report Form for review here.

Please refer to the Student Disciplinary Regulations for further information, including the scope of what constitutes student misconduct and details of the relevant procedures.

Students are encouraged to seek advice from Student Wellbeing, Learning and Welfare Support, if necessary.

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