Welcome FAQs

Welcome week - Frequently asked questions

Have a question about enrolment? Want to get connected to Wifi? Fancy finding out what there is to do in Hull? We've got all your questions answered!


Why do I have to enrol on my course?

Enrolment is an essential step to becoming a student at the University of Hull. You need to complete the enrolment process to attend your programme of study, access services like the Library and student email, get a student ID card and receive your student loan, if applicable.  

How often do I need to enrol?

You are required to enrol at the start of each academic year. In your first year, you need to attend an enrolment event in person as well as completing the online enrolment process. After that, you are only required to complete online enrolment.

When can I enrol?

As a new student, you will receive an e-mail notification in late August/early September confirming that you can now complete online enrolment. You should complete your online enrolment as soon as possible. 

How do I enrol?

You complete online enrolment by filling in each section of the online form, confirming your payment details and agreeing to our terms and conditions. If you're a new student, you'll also need to finalise your enrolment in person at event on the campus during Welcome Week. The time of your event will be on your induction schedule.

When is the 'in person' enrolment event?

As a new student, you'll need to finalise your enrolment by attending an 'in person' enrolment event. This will take place during your Welcome Week. You can find the date and time of this event on your induction schedule.

Is enrolment completed when I finish online enrolment?

Not if you're a new student. If that's the case, you must still attend an 'In Person' enrolment event. You'll find details of the enrolment event  in your induction schedule.

I've never accessed the student portal before. How do I set/reset my password?

Select ‘password problems’ on the student portals' login page to create a new password or to get help if you've forgotten your password. 

What should I do if I'm having problems with my online enrolment or if I have a question about enrolment?

Please contact us through my.hull.ac.uk.  You will need your six digit user ID and password.  Once you have logged in, choose ‘Ask a Question’. 

What should I do if I've not received an email inviting me to enrol?

We'll only email you once your application reaches 'unconditional firm' status. These emails will be sent from late August/early September. If you still haven't had an invitation email by this point, please contact us through my.hull.ac.uk.  You will need your six digit user ID and password.  Once you have logged in, choose ‘Ask a Question’.

A message appears when I access ‘my enrolment’ which prevents me from completing online enrolment.

You may be prevented from completing online enrolment for a number of reasons.  The on screen message will explain your next steps.  If you are having any problems in completing the next steps, please contact us through my.hull.ac.uk.  You will need your six digit user ID and password.  Once you have logged in, choose ‘Ask a Question’.

I'm unsure of my term-time address.

No need to worry. You can still complete online enrolment. Just give us your term-time address at your 'in person' enrolment event.

I'd like to change some information about myself, but the online enrolment system won’t let me access the field.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this information it can’t be changed during online enrolment. However, if you contact us through my.hull.ac.uk.  You will need your six digit user ID and password.  Once you have logged in, choose ‘Ask a Question’. Alternatively, you can inform us when you arrive at the University.

My programme isn't the one I thought I was studying.

You need to contact us through my.hull.ac.uk.  You will need your six digit user ID and password.  Once you have logged in, choose ‘Ask a Question’.  Please explain in your enquiry which programme you thought you were studying.

When do I need to attend the 'in person' enrolment event, and what do I need to bring?

All of our first year on-campus students need to attend an ‘in person’ enrolment event to finalise their enrolment. You can find information about the time of your event on your induction schedule, which we'll email to you. You'll need to bring yourself, payment details for your course and photographic proof of identification.

How long will it take to complete the 'in person' enrolment event?

It'll depend on your circumstances. But we'd advise you to allow yourself 20–30 minutes for completing enrolment.

I won’t be able to attend the 'in person' enrolment event at my allocated time.

We know that you will do your best to enrol with the University within the timescales laid out, but we also appreciate that sometimes that's not possible.

If you're not able to get to enrolment at your allocated time, don't worry: enrolment will remain open during your second week. But if you're planning to arrive two weeks or more after your course starts, you'll need to contact your faculty first.

When do I get my student card?

You’ll get it once your enrolment's complete. You’ll keep your student card for the duration of your time with us. If you lose it, you can get a replacement – but that’ll cost you £15, so it's cheaper to keep it safe. 

Is enrolment different for international students?

No - all our international students enrol in the same way as our UK students. The only difference is the documentation you need to bring with you when you attend the ‘in person’ enrolment event is slightly different:

  • Passport
  • Academic qualifications (if you have been asked to provide them)
  • Visa/biometric residence permit (BRP)

If you are collecting your BRP from the University, please bring your visa application decision letter issued by the UKVI. If you are collecting your BRP from the Post Office, please collect the BRP before you come to enrol on the course.

If you have made a Tier 4 application in the UK and you have not received a decision and the UKVI have your passport and previous visa, you must provide a copy of your visa application checklist.



When can I move in?!

Moving into your new place is an exciting time. When you can move in depends where you’re living: we'll be in touch to let you know well in advance. This info will include your time slot for moving in and a map to help you park.

Taylor Court

Your residence contracts for Taylor Court start at 12 noon on Friday 13 September 2019.

If you can't arrive during working hours on the day of arrival, you'll need to collect your keys from the Westfield Court Reception. 

The Courtyard and Westfield Court

The move-in date for The Courtyard and Westfield Court is Saturday 14 September. There'll be loads welcome activities for you, as well as lots of staff and student ambassadors to help you get settled in. The time you can pick up your key depends on which block you’re in. We'll contact you soon with your allocated moving-in time.

Please note that all students living at the above residences must complete the e-Induction fire safety and accommodation module before arrival. If you haven't, we won't be able to release your keys.

Can my parents park on campus to help me move in? 

Of course they can! We'll contact you well in advance with your allocated move-in time and details of where on campus you can park. There'll be a space available to park while you empty the car. But we do ask that once you've unpacked, you move the car so that other people can unload too.

What do I need to bring?

See our prepartion for arrival guide for a list of items to bring.

There are other things you’ll need to think about bringing for your course and to help you generally when you arrive – you can find out more here. Remember that the storage space in your room is limited ... so be careful not to bring too much stuff!

Do I need bedding?

Yes, you will need to bring bedding. You can, however, buy a bedding pack from UniKitOut, they also have a range of other items you may find easier to pre-order for delivery to your accommodation, rather than packing them in a car!

Do I need to insure my contents against damage or theft?

If you’re staying in University accommodation, there's a standard insurance package (the details of what's covered are sent with offers of accommodation). If you've anything particularly valuable – like musical instruments or Ming vases – we'd suggest that you arrange separate insurance cover.

Staying in private accommodation? Check with your landlord to see if your agreement includes an insurance package, and make arrangements accordingly.

I'm in self-catered accommodation. Where can I go to stock up?

If you’re living on or near campus, there are shops a short distance away on Cottingham Road and Newland Avenue including Lidl, Sainsburys Local, Tesco Express and plenty of local businesses including greengrocers, bakeries and frozen foods shops.

What happens during move-in day and my first week?

You’ll be sent a date and time to move into your halls. Friendly students and staff will be on hand to help you move in. 

For the first few days after your arrival, there’ll be a variety of activities and sessions to help you settle in. These will include some run by the ResLife team. Please ensure that you attend them as they will give you essential information. They’re also a good opportunity to get to know the other people in your halls.

Your first week is all about getting settled in. Get out there, make new friends and talk to your neighbours. After all, you’re going to be seeing a lot of each other. If you’re in halls, you’ll probably have induction meetings to attend within the first few days. Some of these are mandatory, so don’t miss them!

Study-wise, you’ll have sessions with your faculty throughout the week to explain how to find your timetables and amend your learning agreements (module selection or study programme); basically everything you need to know about your time here.

There’s quite a lot to take in, but just make sure you attend every session and read everything you’re given. Some of it might not be massively exciting, but we wouldn’t give you it if it wasn’t important.

Will I need a TV licence?

If you have a TV, then yes. The National Television Licensing Authority carries out annual checks of students' rooms where no TV license is recorded.  For more information see the TV Licensing website.

Who can I contact if I have a problem during my stay?

There are several means of getting in touch if you need to get help or advice:


Give the accommodation office a call on 01482 466042 or 01482 466026. Outside of office hours, you can call security on 01482 466868.

If you live in university accommodation, and you have a problem, no matter how big or small, please report it to the reception desk of your accommodation.

In person

Central Hub is a one-stop shop for advice and information on a wide range of services, including accommodation. Pop in for a chat, they’re on the first floor of Student Central.


If you'd prefer to let us know online please, let us know through SID, my.hull.ac.uk. We aim to respond within three working days.

What if I need a bit of extra support while staying in accommodation?

Our ResLife Team are here to help and support you. Whether you need pastoral support, or if you have an issue in accommodation with your house mates. The ResLife Team are also responsible for organising activities and events where they would love to see you. Email for more information.


What do international students need to bring to enrolment?

All of our international students must follow the same process in order to enrol on your course at the University, you must bring the following:

  • Passport
  • Visa/Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)*
  • Academic Qualifications (if you have been advised by the Admissions Service that you have a requirement to provide them).
  • Documents to confirm payment of your course fees by a third party/sponsor (if applicable) or bank/payment details if your course fees are ebing paid by yourself or you parent/ guardian. **

*if you are collecting your BRP from the University, please bring your visa application decision letter issued by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). If you are collecting your BRP from the Post Office, please ensure you collect this before you come to enrol on your course.

**You will be required to pay 50% of your course fee at the point of enrolment unless this has already been paid for or you are sponsed by the official finiancial sponsor approved by the unviersity.
You will also be required to verify your contact details, including your full term-time address, UK telephone number and personal email address.

I'm an international student, and I have a question about my visa.

Please contact our visa compliance team at the vct@hull.ac.uk mailbox.

Please contact your faculty directly for specific programme and/or other special departmental dates.

The university offers a free pick up service for international students from Manchester Airport on the 13 September, please see our Planning your Arrival guide.

How do I open a bank account?

There are several different banks to choose from, including NatWest, Lloyds, Barclays, HSBC and Yorkshire Bank. Have a look at their websites and visit the banks in person to select which one you would like to use.

It is sometimes difficult for students studying for less than six months to open an account. However, some banks allows students to open basic or savings accounts.

To open a bank account you will need to show the bank:

  1. Your passport and visa (BRP or other immigration document)

  2. Your letter of offer to study at the University, which you should have received by the time you arrive in the UK.

  3. A student status letter, which you can get from Central Hub on the first floor of Student Central.

How do I pay for my tuition fees?

The University offers many different ways for you to pay your tuition fees and accommodation fees. For example, you can pay online or with a banker's draft, direct bank transfer, cheque, cash, credit card or direct debit. All fees are payable in pounds sterling.

You can pay your fees at the point of enrolment, or you can pay 50% of your fees before you arrive. 

Where can I find further information for international students? 

Once you have accessed your e-induction (online induction), there is a dedicated module for you to complete. This will provide you with the information you'll need as an international student. 


How do I apply for a student loan?

More information about student loan eligibility and the application process can be found on our loans, bursaries and sponsorship page.

When do I get my maintenance loan? 

We will confirm your registration with the Student Loans Company once we have finalised your enrolment. For new students this will be when you attend the ‘in person’ enrolment event. For returning students this will be when you complete online enrolment. Once we have confirmed your registration with the Student Loans Company, it will take 3-5 days to receive your money. Your maintenance loan is paid straight into your bank account in three instalments – one at the start of each semester, and one after the Easter break. But you won’t receive your first payment until you’ve fully enrolled – just one more reason why it’s really, really important to enrol when you’re meant to. Please note if you have not received your money as expected then please come to the Central Hub on the first floor for advice.

Do I need to do anything about my tuition fee loan? 

Student Finance England will pay your tuition fee loan directly to us on your behalf, so it’s taken care of. If you’re paying your own tuition fees in advance, please speak to our team in the  Central Hub about when payments need to be made at centralhub@hull.ac.uk or telephone +44(0)1482 462222.

I applied later or through Clearing, and I haven't sorted out my student loan.

You really need to sort this out as soon as possible. Eligible students receive a tuition fee loan to cover the full amount of their course fees. The maintenance loan, designed to help with your living costs, is dependent on your household income, year of study, where you live, and where you are studying.

To apply for this, or to get further information about the funding available to you, please contact Student Finance England on 0300 100 0607 or visit their website.

I've enroled, but I haven't received my maintenance loan. 

If you got your application in on time, then don’t worry, your loan will be coming. It can take up to a couple of days after you enrolled to appear in your bank account. If it doesn’t, get in touch with Student Finance England on 0300 100 0607 and they’ll hopefully be able to resolve it for you. If you applied to Student Finance England after the deadline date for this year, it can take longer for you to receive your maintenance loan. 

Can I get any financial help while I'm waiting for my loan? 

Sure – if you haven’t received your maintenance loan on time, you might be eligible to apply for a short-term loan. You’ll need to supply evidence of your student funding application, and four weeks up-to-date bank statements.

To apply for a loan, please visit the Central Hub desk on the first floor of Student Central, or call +44 (0)1482 462222 - option 6.

How can I set a budget? 

If you’re leaving home for the first time, one of the biggest challenges is managing your money. Starting the term with a plan and a realistic budget will help keep your money in check and see you through the year.

Check out our budget calculator to help work out your income and expenses over the course of the academic year and see what you will have left over.

What can I do if I have money problems in the middle of a semester?

Don’t panic. We’re here to help, so don’t ever be afraid or embarrassed to talk to us about it. If you do find yourself in financial difficulties at any point throughout your studies, our financial support team are here to help. Please contact us on +44 (0)1482 462222 option 6 or come to the Central Hub desk on the second floor of Students Central.

What are bursaries and scholarships? 

We’re glad you asked. We offer a whole range of bursaries and scholarships to help you fund your studies. You’ll be automatically considered and don’t need to apply directly to the University, as long as you gave your consent to share your information when applying for your student finance with Student Finance England. It’s all very clever stuff.

Once we’ve got the information we need, we’ll be able to assess whether you qualify for any of our bursaries. We have to wait for this information to be sent by Student Finance England. Sometimes this can take a while to get here, so we’re unable to give you an exact timeframe for confirmation. The first payment date for our bursaries and scholarships is in December.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Student Finance team at hefunding@hull.ac.uk or on (+44) 01482 466573.


What are my user ID and password?

Your user ID is a six-digit number that you use alongside your password to gain access to almost all of the University’s online services, for example, Canvas, MyAdmin and your email account. You will be sent an email from ICT with your user ID before you start at the University. Please keep it on hand and safe. Please note: your user ID is different to your student number. Your student number is a nine-digit number that you'll find on your student card. 

You should go to MyAdmin and change your password to something more memorable as soon as you can.

Please note your user ID is different to your student number. Your student number is a 9 digit number that will be on your student card. If you cannot remember your password, Central Hub on the first floor of Student Central can help with this.

How do I access WiFi? 

On campus

On campus, WiFi for students and staff is provided by eduroam. The eduroam wireless network offers impressive speeds, faster than many broadband providers, and allows you to use your device wherever you are on campus, whether you are making notes in a lecture theatre or enjoying the sunshine outside the library.

You will be able to connect to eduroam once you have registered and received your University user ID and password. For instructions on how to connect, first please connect to the free Guest WiFi service (please see instructions below) then visit the ICT SharePoint site and log in with your University user ID and password.

Guest WiFi

You’ll notice there’s also a free ‘UoH-Guest’ network on campus – this is perfect for friends or family who are visiting for the day. To connect:

  1. Select ‘UoH-Guest’ from the list of wireless networks.

  2.  Open your browser and you will be redirected to a login page.

  3. Enter your email address and phone number.

  4. Tick the boxes to accept the terms and conditions and then press ‘Get Online’.

  5. You are now connected!

Accommodation WiFi

WiFi is available to students in University accommodation on campus and in some local student houses.  Information on how to connect will be available on arrival. You can also find information about accommodation WiFi and instructions for connecting by visiting the ICT SharePoint site and logging in with your university user ID and password.


What is MyAdmin?

My Admin is our central hub for managing your personal information. Login with your user ID and password to update your contact details, and when available access module results or select your study modules. You can also change your password here.

How do I check my emails?

If you want to make sure that you don’t miss any important emails, you can visit mail.hull.ac.uk, use the iHull app (see below), add your University email account to the mail app on your phone or tablet, or use an email client on your PC or Mac. You can find step-by-step guides on getting started on the ICT SharePoint site once you have registered and received your University user ID and password.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is our virtual learning environment (VLE). It’s a one-stop shop for submitting assignments, re-watching lectures, downloading presentations, taking part in discussions, and more. It’s important that you check Canvas regularly, as your module leaders will frequently upload new material or make announcements.

Does the University have an app? 

Yes. The iHull app is available to download for both iOS and Android. It’s sort of like having a tiny university in your pocket. You can use it to access our latest news, your personalised timetable, emails, campus maps, live bus times, and a whole lot more. You can also access the Central Hub details for students. This is the preferred method for you to contact student services and your faculty hub. If you cannot download it, don't worry, you can also access the app online on a range of devices.

What if I forget my password? 

It happens to all of us. Don’t worry, there are a couple of ways to reset it. You can visit MyAdmin and follow the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link, or you can visit the ICT Service Desk in Applied Science and they’ll be able to help you out. Central Hub, can also reset passwords. You can visit them on the second floor of Student Central.

What is Box?

Box is a simple and secure unlimited cloud storage solution. It's free to students and staff at the University of Hull. Box allows you to securely store, share and collaborate on documents anywhere in the world, on any internet enabled device. To start using your free Box account, visit box.hull.ac.uk and log in with your University email address and password.

Where can I find out more about University ICT services?

The ICT SharePoint site will become accessible to you when your course starts. Here you can find guides on accessing resources, installing software and much more.

How do I contact the ICT Service Desk?

You can call them on 01482 462010, email help@hull.ac.uk, visit the ground floor of the Applied Science Building, or Tweet @HullUni_ICT.


When do we get our timetables?

Your timetable will be available to view on 3 September.

How do I find my timetable? 

You can access your teaching timetable from the week commencing 2 September. There are a couple of ways you can access it. You can either access it through our dedicated timetabling website or via the iHull app (available to download from iOS and Android and to access online).

For more information visit the SharePoint website (you will need your login details).

If you have any more questions, please visit your faculty hub.

Car parking

Can I bring my car with me?

Parking is restricted on campus. If you live more than eight miles away, you can apply for a permit to park on campus. If you live nearer, you can use our pay-and-display car park for just £1 for four hours or £2 for the full day. 

Wilberforce is a pay on foot, card only system. Spaces are not guaranteed, particularly after 9am during weekdays.  We also have an off-campus car park on Inglemire Lane, which is pay on foot, cash only system.

Blue badge holders can apply for a permit to park on campus. Please contact estateshelpdesk@hull.ac.uk

How do I apply for a car parking permit? 

 You will receive confirmation of whether this has been granted once you have enrolled (w/c 16 September). If you are successful you will be able to collect your permit from Central Hub on the 23 September after 2pm. There are designated bays all around the campus. Please contact estateshelpdesk@hull.ac.uk for further details. 

What do I need to do if I'm a blue badge holder?

You will be able to park on campus and will be given a Blue Badge holder permit. You still need to register online for a permit to enable us to monitor demand for disabled parking spaces. There is no charge for a parking permit for Blue Badge holders.

During Welcome Week, Blue Badge holders can park anywhere on campus* without a University permit as long as they display their badge (*excluding the Wilberforce car park)

If you’re staying in a student house you’ll need to apply for a parking permit from the local council. Call 01482 300 300 for an application form. On street parking can be in high demand.

What's parking like if you're staying in a student house?

If you’re staying in a student house you’ll need to apply for a parking permit from the local council. Call 01482 300 300 for an application form. On street parking can be in high demand.

What are the parking arrangements for Welcome Week? 

For Welcome Week, we advise you to not drive onto campus, but rather to plan travel in advance. If it is a necessity to drive on campus, you can park in the car park by the Wilberforce building if spaces are available. The cost of the parking is £1 for four hours or £2 for a full day. A pay on foot, card only system is in operation.

The on-campus Wilberforce car park is a pay on foot, card only system. We also have an off-campus car park on Inglemire Lane, which is a pay and display, cash only system. 


Can you tell me a bit more about Hull?

Hull has a rich maritime past, with a confident, cosmopolitan present. The entire city is currently undergoing a massive facelift and is seeing record levels of investment. Hull has built up a reputation for its friendly and colourful people, and as a student you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by how cheap the cost of living is around here. Let's not forget that we were named UK City of Culture for 2017, and will hold that title until 2021. Find out more about Hull and the region.

What is there to do in Hull?
  • There are a lot of festivals and events in Hull throughout the year, from food fests to cultural celebrations. One of the highlights is the award-winning Freedom Festival, which takes over the city for three days every September. Fun, family-friendly and mostly free to attend, the festival boasts an unmissable musical line-up featuring established acts and rising stars. But that's not all: You can also enjoy spectacular street theatre, visual art, dance, poetry and spoken word as you make your way around this Hull favourite.
  • The Fruit Market at Humber Street, close to Hull Marina, has been transformed during recent years. The area is now sports galleries, studios, high quality restaurants and the popular Fruit venue, which hosts club nights, live music, comedy, theatre and spoken word.
  • Princes Avenue's Pave Bar hosts a Jazz night every Tuesday, as well as a regular Comedy Club and other special events. Tuesdays are also a great night to catch some live music in Hull's student quarter with local and national acts playing at the acoustic night at Garbutts on Princes Avenue.
  • The New Adelphi Club off Newland Avenue is Hull's famed music venue, at which bands such as Radiohead, Green Day and Oasis played in their early days. The club also regularly hosts local and up-and-coming international acts, as well as monthly Soul, Reggae and DJ nights.
  • You can often catch stars of the stand-up comedy circuit at Hull City Hall, as well as nationally acclaimed orchestras, choirs, and rock and pop stars.
  • Hull Truck Theatre is a modern theatre space specialising in challenging and stimulating productions, but also presenting live music, children's shows and more.
  • Hull New Theatre reopened in 2017 after a stunning multi-million pound stunning revamp, with extended facilities setting the stage for big-name tours and shows to come to Hull. 
  • The KCOM Stadium hosts football and rugby matches where you can support our Championship League football team, Hull City and our rugby team, Hull FC. The stadium also doubles as a concert venue where the likes of REM, The Who, Bon Jovi and Elton John have appeared.
  • If it’s retail therapy you’re after, you’ll find it in no short supply. In the city centre, there’s St Stephen’s shopping centre where you’ll find all sorts of big brands, as well as two other large shopping centres: the Prospect Centre, and Princes Quay.
  • For the big kids, there’s Big Fun, a soft play area for adults. Every Friday night from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm they hold a student night, where you’re free to run around and unleash your inner child.
  • Fancy a night at the cinema? Hull has four to choose from: Reel in St. Stephen's, Vue in Princes Quay, the Odeon at Kingston Retail Park and Cineworld at Kingswood Retail Park, where’s there’s also a massive Hollywood Bowl and plenty of restaurants like Frankie & Benny’s. You can also check out Hull's Escape room.
What’s the nightlife like?

Really great. Whether you're into dance, house, funk, reggae, R&B, hip-hop, pop, electro, 80s/90s, indie or rock, you'll be well catered for thanks to Hull's massive selection of nightclubs. Here are just a few:

  • Of course, first and foremost, there’s Asylum, our award-winning on-campus nightclub situated in our Students' Union. Student nights are Wednesday and Saturday, and one Friday a month is Full Metal Jacket night, playing rock music. Asylum also plays host to upcoming and established artists, like Chase & Status, Example, The Libertines and Blossoms.
  • There’s also The Welly on Beverley Road. Through its associations with the NME, it often showcases emerging talent. There's Jelly on Thursday for indie and Shuffle on Saturday for alternative and electro music. Finally, the Wolfpack rock night and Shinobi drum and bass night both take up the floor for one Friday each month.
  • And our final pick is The Piper on Newland Avenue, which was refurbished recently. The club holds a hugely popular student night every Monday, and has hosted the likes of Babyshambles and The Enemy.
Where’s best to grab some food or a drink?

There’s no shortage of places for grub on campus, like Eats and Eats Italia inside the Students’ Union, or the recently opened Canham Turner. But if you fancy something a little bit further afield, here are a few options:.

  • Princes Dock Street in Hull's city centre is lined with bars and coffee shops, most with an al fresco dining areas overlooking Princes Quay and Hull Marina. Visit McCoy's and try a speciality coffee or their famous potato wedges.
  • Princes Avenue is known as Hull's cosmopolitan area. Here you'll find there's something for everyone. There are cafes and restaurants serving cuisines from Asian to Moroccan and from Spanish to traditional English fare. With a number of bars serving until around midnight and even later, the area comes alive on evenings, particularly on Friday and Saturday.
  • Newland Avenue is a cheaper, more student-focused avenue, but this doesn't mean limited choice. There's a selection of restaurants such as Sleepers and Roots Bar, that stay open until about 2am at weekends. There’s also a hugely popular board game café, The Boardroom, which will serve you drinks whilst you play one of their hundreds of different board games.
  • The city centre has a host of well-known restaurants including Nando's, Prezzo and Ask as well as names unique to Hull, such as Riddlers and Furley & Co.
  • Humber Street is the hub of modern dining in the city, home to the sophistication of Butler Whites and the elegannce of Ambiente tapas restaurant.
  • Kingswood Retail Park also has a number of well-known restaurant chains such as Frankie and Benny's and Chiquito's.
What can I do in Hull for free?

On High Street, on the banks of the River Hull, you will find the Museums Quarter which includes Wilberforce House, the Streetlife Museum, the Arctic Corsair and the Hull and East Riding Museum. All of these museums are free! 

  • In the city centre, you will find the Maritime Museum and the beautiful Ferens Art Gallery, which hosted the internationally renowned Turner Prize in 2017.
  • Be sure to follow the famous Fish Trail and spend some time relaxing around Hull Marina.
  • Visit the picturesque Hessle Foreshore and viewing area for the Humber Bridge.
  • Parks such as Pearson Park and East Park are great for a summer walk and they also occasionally hold open air events.
  • Hull's coastal nature makes it easy to enjoy a day at the seaside. Nearby beaches include Hornsea, Withernsea, Bridlington and Scarborough.
Where can I find out more about Hull and the surrounding area?

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Student support, health and wellbeing

Where do I go if I need any help while I’m at university?

We offer a wide variety of services to help you through any problems you might be having during your time with us. Whether you are experiencing mental health problems, financial worries, trouble settling in, difficulty with studies, or if you require support due to a disability or learning difference, we have specialist staff available to offer help in a friendly and confidential way. The Health and Wellbeing Team offers a daily drop in appointment service.

Contact the Central Hub desk with your query on +44 (0)1482 462222 or visit them in person – it’s on the second floor of Student Central, and is open 8.45 am - 5.30 pm Monday to Friday. The team will then be able to point you to the right service to solve your problem.

How can I stay safe on campus?

We try to make sure that our campus is an extremely safe place to be. We have CCTV across campus, lighting across all areas at night, frequent security patrols and volunteer University Angels available during Wednesday night Asylum, providing support and a safe place for students if needed.

But as with any place, there are certain things you can do to ensure your own safety. Should you wish to, you can pick up a personal alarm from the Security Reception in the Venn Building. And if you see somebody acting suspiciously, you can call our security team on 01482 466868.

Do I have to register with a GP in Hull?

If you’re coming to Hull from elsewhere, then yes, the University encourages you to register with a GP. It might seem like a bit of a faff, but it’s really important – you never know when you might fall ill.

Please note that if you have not already received immunisation against bacterial Meningitis you should ask your GP for further advice. If you need a student status letter, please visit Central Hub on the first floor of Student Central.

To find a GP, visit the NHS choices website and enter the postcode of your halls of residence or student house. Don’t just assume that you’ll be able to get registered at a GP practice near the University (like the one directly opposite campus).

How can I get a meningitis vaccination?

Public Health England are encouraging all new students to get vaccinated with the Meningococcal ACWY (MenACWY) vaccine.

Talk to your GP before you come to university to get your vaccination, or get it from your new GP surgery in Hull as soon as you arrive.

If you think you have already been immunised against meningitis, ask your GP if you have had MenACWY as it has not always been a part of the National Immunisation Programme.

Older teenagers and young adults who are not vaccinated are at risk of getting meningitis, so get vaccinated to protect yourself and others around you.

How can I get a measles vaccination?

Public Health England are encouraging all new students to get vaccinated with the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine.

Talk to your GP before you come to university to get your vaccination, or get it from your new GP surgery in Hull as soon as you arrive. If you think you have already been immunised against measles, ask your GP to confirm whether you have had both vaccinations. 

I need sexual health advice or support.

There are a number of agencies who come to campus to provide confidential and specialist support. Find out more on our health and wellbeing page. Yorkshire MESMAC offers a variety of sexual health services, which can be accessed via the second floor of the Student Central Building, every Wednesday between 1 pm and 4.30 pm during semester time.

Advice, condoms and chlamydia and gonorrhoea screenings are available. The testing for this is very straightforward and involves a self-urine sample for males, or a self-swab for females.

MESMAC also offer screenings for HIV and syphilis, which is a finger-prick test and results take just one minute. Alternatively, contact the Central Hub desk with your query on +44 (0)1482 462222 (choose option 6) or visit them in person. It’s on the first floor of Student Central, and is open 8.45 am – 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday. The team will then be able to help you confidentially access the best people to help with your needs. 

Where can I go in a medical emergency?

Hopefully you’ll never need them, but there are a number of places you can go to if you can’t wait for a doctor’s appointment.

For minor injuries or illnesses, your best bet is to go to Story Street Medical Practice and Walk-In Centre at the Wilberforce Health Centre on Story Street in the city centre. It’s open from 8 am to 8 pm every day. You don’t have to be registered there to see a GP, and you can walk straight in and get an appointment (be prepared for a long wait at busy times though). You should try to get an emergency appointment with your GP first if they're open and you're able to though.

In a more serious medical emergency, you can visit Accident and Emergency at Hull Royal Infirmary, just outside the city centre along Anlaby Road. As per the NHS’s advice, please only use this service for genuine medical emergencies.

If you’re on or near campus, you should phone our security team in the event of a medical emergency before visiting Accident and Emergency or calling 999. They can make the call for you, help to provide any assistance needed, meet the emergency services at the entrance to the campus, and guide them to your location. You can reach them on 01482 465555 in an emergency. For non-emergencies, call 01482 466868.