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If we’ve made you an offer, you’ll receive an email with an invitation to book onto one of these days. Looking for our normal Open Days?

How is an Applicant Experience Day different to an Open Day?

You might be thinking, “I’ve already been to an Open Day, so why should I come to an Applicant Experience Day too?” Here’s why…

This time, it’s all about you getting hands-on with your subject. So you’ll get to experience what it’s really like to study here day-to-day.

Plus, it’s a rare second chance to do the things you didn’t get around to last time: tour the campus and accommodation, explore The Avenues student quarter and city, or catch the morning welcome talk.

Or maybe you haven't visited us on an Open Day before, and didn't think you'd get another opportunity to. Well, now’s your chance.


A day of two halves

In the morning, you’ll discover what it’s like to live, work and play here. Then in the afternoon, you’ll meet lecturers and students for subject taster sessions and talks designed exclusively for you.

From 9am onwards, explore student life in Hull. Never visited before or need a refresher? This is your opportunity to explore life at Hull. You can see our accommodation, tour our campus, and have all your questions answered on everything from finance to student support.

From 12 noon, get an in-depth insight into your subject. Talk one-to-one with our lecturers and students, join subject-related sessions, and get your hands on the facilities and resources you could be using.


Delve deeper into your subject

When it comes to your subject and course, on an Open Day you get the headlines. On an Applicant Experience Day, you get the full story.

First of all, you’ve got more time. More time to ask questions and get answers. More time to uncover the finer details of your course. More time to hear from the lecturers who could be teaching you and students.

And then there’s the hands-on stuff. Like subject-specific activities, taster sessions, and tours of our facilities and resources.

Plus, if you’re studying a joint honours degree, you’ll get to take part in sessions for both subjects. So you’ll come away knowing what it’s truly like to study your subject at Hull.


Talk one-on-one with your lecturers

You can ask our lecturers everything you can possibly think of about their specialist subjects. Even have a coffee and lunch with them if you want. And who doesn’t love free food?

And of course, you’ll be able to talk in-depth with our current students too. They’ll happily share their experience of Hull and tell you what it’s really like to study your subject here.


“It’s all about finding out if it’s the right fit for you”

Listen to Emilie talk about what you can expect from your Applicant Experience Day, why you should go, and why it’s important to make sure you’re asking all the right questions.

Hear more from Emilie

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How do I attend an Applicant Experience Day?

If we have made you an offer, you will receive an email with an invitation to book onto one of the days.

Haven’t received your email yet?

Don’t worry if you haven’t applied yet! Just fill your details into the form, and we’ll get you booked on.

Take a sneak peek…

Can’t wait to come and see us? Want to get a feel for the campus before you book?

Why not take a peek at our Virtual Tour, where you can glimpse some of our facilities? You could even start planning your visit.

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Can’t make it?

We’d highly recommend coming to an Applicant Experience Day if you can. But if there’s just no way you can get here on those particular dates, there are other ways you can come for a look around.

We run weekly tours of campus, where we can arrange individual appointments tailored to you – you can book one of those here.

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  1. You can claim back travel costs up to a maximum of £100, if you've travelled more than 20 miles to attend an Open Day. Proof of address and attendance required.
  2. Free overnight accommodation available if you've travelled over 70 miles. Maximum of four rooms per party.