Buddycheck - our new peer assessment software

buddycheck is the replacement for WebPA – a software that works within Canvas to let students rate the contribution of their peers after groupwork projects.

It allows for the weighting of based team marks to individuals, based on the peer (and self) scoring of the team members.

For example, if a team of 5 produces a deliverable(s) with say a team mark of 55%, then the 5 team members all have the opportunity to score each other based on their perceived contributions. These scores are then used to create a weighting factor, so the individual team members get some weighted mark based on the team mark (55%), which could range from zero to 100% depending on the scores and the settings the academic makes. This can ensure fairer and more acceptable marks.

Neil Gordon in Computer Science has been exploring buddycheck and says:

“Setting it up and getting student scores is fairly clear, though the process to attach the Peer buddycheck scores to a different canvas assignment, and to use that to generate individual scores seems less intuitive.”

Neil has produced a short video guide to help other users.

Printed guide 

Other TEA resources on Canvas:

If you generate good practice in using buddycheck, Neil and Emily would be interested to know!

For technical support using buddycheck, please contact us via our support portal .


Photo credit: Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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