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The University of Hull's Access and Participation Plan and Access Agreements are available below.

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What does the University of Hull spend its money on?

Total expenditure 2013-14, staff 58.1%, other operating expenses 32.2%, depreciation 5.3%, buildings 4.2%, interest payable 0.2%.

4.02% increase in staff expenditure.2012-13 staff expenditure £95.3 million, 2013-14 staff expenditure £99.1 million.

Where does our money come from?

University of Hull income 2013-14 £180 million.
Tuition fees 59.7% Direct Government funding 18.8% Other income - including residences, catering and endowments 15.8% Research grants and contracts 5.7%

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uoh finances 2Why do HE institutions need a 'surplus'?

"Univerisities need to generate cash as working captial to finance their ordinary operations."
From Review of Higher Education Finance and Pay Data (2008), published jointly by UCEA and the five HE trade unions.

Surpluses are required to:

  • Invest in new facilities and equipment for staff and students
  • Invest in curriculum development
  • Manage financial risk
  • Demonstrate financial health to lenders
  • Manage cash flow
  • Maintain campus facilities for staff and students

University of Hull Operating Expenses
2011-12 6.1% of income
2012-13 5.8% of income
2014-14 5.4% of income

Money maintains stability
HE institutions must have liquidity (ie readily available cash balances) - an essential element to financial health. Limited liquidity could mean that staff bills, suppliers and debts may not get paid.

Average Net Liquidity (as number of days' expenditure)
2012-13 102.2 net liquidity in days
2013-14 57.8 net liquidity in days

University of Hull Finances: Borrowing vs. Captial Spend

Borrowing as percentage of income:
2012-13 £6.3 million or 3.4%
2013-14 £6 million or 3.1%

Capital spend:
2012-13 £18.2 million
2013-14 £27.3 million




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