Sanctuary Fee Reduction

The University of Hull is proud to be recognised as a University of Sanctuary, and is committed to supporting those seeking sanctuary to study in the UK.

From September 2018, we will provide a Sanctuary Fee Reduction for new asylum seeker students, who will be eligible to pay fees equivalent to the Home/EU rate while they continue to meet the criteria below.

To be eligible for the Sanctuary Fee Reduction, you must have applied for a place on a University of Hull undergraduate or postgraduate programme and must: 

  • be seeking asylum in the UK, or be the dependent or spouse of someone seeking asylum


  • have been granted Discretionary/Limited Leave to Remain following an application for asylum, or be the dependent or spouse of someone who meets the aforementioned criteria 


  • be ineligible to access mainstream UK student funding due to your immigration status

Your application for asylum in the UK (or the application of your parent/guardian or spouse) must have been submitted before you applied to study at the University of Hull.

If you meet the above criteria, you will normally be classified as an International student but will be charged tuition fees at the Home/EU rate.

You will find the Home/EU fee charged for each course on our course pages

How to Apply

After you apply for admission at the University of Hull you will be asked to provide evidence relating to your residency status. Once the University has received any evidence requested and is satisfied that you meet the eligibility criteria for the Sanctuary Fee Reduction this will be awarded to you, and your tuition fee will be reduced accordingly.

If you fail to provide evidence where requested this may prevent the Sanctuary Fee Reduction from being awarded. If your status changes at any point prior to or during your studies, you must notify the University immediately.


The Sanctuary Fee Reduction is offered solely at the discretion of the University. It is offered to new students beginning their studies with the University of Hull from September 2018. Students who started their course before September 2018 will continue to pay the fee rate applicable at the start of their course. 

Students of the Hull York Medical School are not eligible for the Sanctuary Fee Reduction.