Online & distance support

The Skills Team is happy to support online and distance students with a range of services. These services are open to all University of Hull students, so you don't need to be an online or distance student to take advantage. 

There are a number of routes through which we support students unable to make it to campus:


We have a growing range of webinars that can be accessed as part of our workshop programme. These cover the same content as our on campus workshops, but are delivered online. We also offer online personal appointments, you can book these by using the appointments contact form

Evening & weekend 

During trimester 1 and 2 we offer a programme of weekend workshops and appointments. We also run evening webinars. If you can't make it onto campus, you may also find our online appointments useful, you can book these by using the appointments contact form

Email & telephone

We can address any quick enquiries you have via telephone or email. We can also run full appointments via telephone or email, but these need to be arranged in advance. Get in touch via our appointments contact form to arrange. 

Contact us:


Telephone: 01482 466199




Our webinars are a core part of our workshop programme and are available to all University of Hull students. The programme is split into undergraduate and postgraduate workshops to help you find the most appropriate guidance for your level:

Undergraduate webinars

Postgraduate webinars