Skills Team appointments

Types of appointment:

Academic skills and writing

Academic skills and writing

For academic writing, study skills, referencing, critical thinking, presentations and research

Information Search Skills

Information Search Skills

For finding information, literature searching, referencing, using academic journal databases, RefWorks and systematic reviews. 



For Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), RefWorks, EndNote, SPSS and NVivo


Appointment format:

Skills Adviser Appointment

Appointment format

Appointments are 25 minutes long and we can see you individually, in pairs or small groups. Please arrive promptly and bring along the work you need help with. 

What to expect from an appointment

Advisers provide help for specific academic study queries and will provide advice on how to become more independent in your learning. Our advisers will therefore try to help you with your query and give you advice on what you can do next to improve your academic study skills.

What NOT to expect from an appointment

We cannot proofread your work for you but will provide tips and guidance on how to proofread your own work. Proofreading and editing is a skill you need to develop to become an independent learner so repeated requests to review similar work will be discouraged. We want to help you help yourself so please avoid booking repeat appointments out of habit.

We also offer online, telephone and email appointments. 


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