Switch-off zone

Take a break from study in the switch-off zone

In the corner of the Reading Room on the 1st floor you will find a small area dedicated to student well-being, with comfy chairs and a lovely view, mindfulness colouring, word searches, jigsaws, and plenty of leaflets on improving your mental health.

You could browse the reading well or leisure reading collections while you are there. Or just enjoy the peace and quiet, switch off your laptop, and relax for a while. 

Reading well collection

This small book collection covers mental health, wellbeing, and other related topics. The collection is available to all students and staff.

There are four themes to the collection:

  • Mental health (Shelf mark / Classmark: MH 1-36)
  • Long-term conditions (LTC 1-28)
  • Young people's mental health (YPM 1-33)
  • Dementia (DM 1-35)

The books cover topics like stress, insomnia, depression, shyness, body image, IBS, chronic fatigue and OCD, to name a few. 

Leisure reading collection

From Charles Dickens to Stephen King, Enid Blyton to Virginia Woolf, Philip Pullman to Roald Dahl, there is a vast choice.

We have books on health and managing emotions, vampires, poetry collections and learning differences.

Browse titles such as Ready Player One and Hunger Games through to Treasure Island and The Color Purple.

All available to check out and take home “at your leisure”

You can also browse the collection online or search for a book below.