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Tuition fee deposit

The University charges a tuition fee deposit for postgraduate entrants (excluding PGCE, MA Social Work and HYMS students).

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The deposit requirement can only be waived for the following groups of students (upon receipt of appropriate evidence):

  • those whose tuition fees are fully funded by a University approved financial sponsor or
  • those in receipt of a full-fee scholarship or bursary from the University of Hull or
  • end on study University of Hull undergraduates

The deposit applies to all applicants holding an offer and assessed by the University as paying fees at the 'overseas' rate. University of Hull undergraduate students progressing directly to a postgraduate programme of study are not required to pay a deposit.  Please note, however, that a CAS will not be issued until all financial debt due to the University for previous study has been cleared.

The deposit is £2000 against the tuition fee and for those who need a Tier 4 visa to study, the Tier 4 CAS will only be issued once the deposit has been received in full.

The following questions and answers should answer many of the queries you may have about the tuition fee deposit.


Do I have to pay a tuition fee deposit?

All international students (those determined as overseas for fees purposes) undertaking a taught/research Masters or a PhD are required to pay a £2000 tuition fee deposit.  If you are required to pay a deposit you will be informed in your offer letter. University of Hull undergraduate students progressing directly to a postgraduate programme of study are not required to pay a deposit.

The following groups are currently exempt (as of January 2018): Students progression to MA GEMMA; Hull York Medical School degrees; MA Social Work; Programmes in partnership with Kedge Business School; and those progressing into masters programmes from ONCampus Hull pre-masters study.

How much should I pay?

The deposit is £2000, however you are able to pay up to the full tuition fee for your course if you wish.  The deposit requirement is waived for the following groups of students (upon receipt of appropriate evidence):

  • those whose tuition fees are fully funded by a University approved financial sponsor or
  • those in receipt of a full-fee scholarship or bursary from the University of Hull or
  • end on study University of Hull undergraduates
Will I get a receipt?

If you pay online using the University of Hull payment facility, you will be able to print a receipt when the payment is made. 

When and how can I pay?

You can pay your deposit as soon as you have received an offer letter from the University. The quickest and easiest way to pay the deposit is online, using the University's payment facility.

Alternative payment options are also available.  Please see our Money website for information.

What is the latest date I can pay?

We recommend that you pay as soon as possible after you have received your offer letter.  Ideally you should pay at least 8 weeks prior to the start of the date of your programme (you will find the start date of your programme on your offer letter).  However, we will accept payment made after that date, and before the programme formal start date, but you must be sure you can obtain your visa and make travel arrangements to be at the University by the latest allowed start date for your programme.

What if I can't pay the deposit?

If you do not fall into one of the exempted groups you will be required to pay the tuition fee deposit before a CAS can be issued, if a CAS is required.

What do I do if I applied less than 8 weeks before my course starts or I do not have the money to pay by the 8 week deadline?

We will still require the deposit to be paid as quickly as possible and will not turn away payment but you need to consider whether there is time for you to make a successful visa application (if relevant) and then any necessary travel arrangements to be able to join the programme at the start.

Can I pay the deposit if I have a conditional offer?

Yes. You can pay your deposit when you receive your conditional offer letter. You can pay your deposit at any point after you have made your application, preferably no later than 8 weeks prior to the start of your programme.

Do I have to pay a deposit if I am a sponsored student?

 If your studies are funded by a University approved financial sponsor, then we will waive your deposit requirement, upon receipt of appropriate evidence (a financial guarantee). You should send your sponsorship letter as early as possible to the Student finance team.

If I pay the deposit and then my sponsor agrees to pay my full tuition fees can I have the £2000 back?

Yes, a refund can be made once the sponsor payment has been received. This would be arranged through the University's Student Finance Team.

Do I need to pay a deposit if I get a scholarship?

 If you receive a tuition fee scholarship you do not need to pay a deposit if the scholarship covers the full tuition fee.  If it is a partial scholarship you need to pay the £2000 deposit (or less if the difference between the tuition fee and the tuition fee scholarship is less).

What happens if I have a tuition fee debt from previous study at the University?

If you owe any tuition fees to the University from a previous programme, anything you pay towards your tuition fee deposit will be used to clear that outstanding debt before being put towards your tuition fee deposit.

Do I need to pay a deposit for a University of Hull English language programme?

No, we do not currently require students undertaking an English language programme to pay a tuition fee deposit.

However, if you believe you are eligible for a Tier 4 CAS to cover both the summer English programme and your postgraduate degree, the deposit must be cleared before the CAS will be issued.

Will I get a refund if I cannot come to the University?

Circumstances under which a refund will be given

The tuition fee deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable, except under the circumstances below.

1. A refund of the full deposit paid will be given within the ‘cooling off’ period, 14 days from acceptance, or in the event of a default by the University of Hull for any of the following reasons:

-  where the University withdraws a programme prior to the start of the start date

- where the University is unable to deliver a programme as advertised, due to circumstances beyond its control

2. A refund (less administration fee) will be given if an applicant fails to meet the required academic grades attached to their offer and their application is not successful on those grounds. A refund will only be made if the University is satisfied that sufficient evidence has been provided that shows the applicant has made a genuine effort to meet the conditions. English language certificates submitted as evidence in support of a refund request must be dated after the date of the tuition fee deposit payment. 

3. Where a deposit payment was made and received later than 8 weeks before the programme start date and too late for an applicant to realistically join their programme. A refund (less administration fee) in normally given if the applicant does not wish to defer their start date. 

4. Request for refund (less administration fee) will be considered where there are exceptional circumstances beyond an applicant's control, such as illness or bereavement of an immediate family member. An application for this type of refund must be supported by certified documents such as a doctor's certificate and/or other relevant documents verifying the situation.

5. Request for a refund (less administration fee) will be considered where a visa application is refused by the Home Office, except in the following circumstances:
- The UK Government has cancelled a visa as a result of a breach of visa conditions
- Falsified documents have been submitted with the visa application
- Where incomplete information has been submitted in support of a visa application and the Home Office determines that the student has made false representations and/or failed to declare information material to the visa application.

In addition, the failure to satisfy Home Office requirements from a visa credibility interview will not normally constitute grounds for a refund. However, requests can be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Student Services. If an applicant has their visa refused due to an issue of credibility and lodges an administrative review which is successful in overturning the original decision to refuse a visa, the University will normally issue a refund. If an applicant chooses not to pursue an administrative review, or the original decision to refuse the application is upheld by the Home Office, a refund will not be given.

Additional points about refunds 
Decisions regarding exceptional circumstance refunds are at the discretion of the Director of Student Services. 

No refunds, other than for exceptional circumstances (see above), will be made once an applicant has arrived in the UK and after the start of the course.

Should an applicant be found to use fraudulent documents at the time of application or at the time of applying for entry clearance, no refund will be due.

Deposits will be held at least until the start date of the course applied for (or longer) at the discretion of the University, until the relevant checks have been undertaken before paying any agreed refund.

In line with UK money laundering laws, any fee paid will only be refunded to the person or body who paid the fee.

Failure to attend at the start of the programme, or withdrawal from the programme after enrolment will mean that the deposit is forfeited by the applicant. Where applicable, The Home Office will be informed that the student has not enrolled on the programme and has withdrawn.

Unless stated otherwise, all refunds are subject to a 10% administration fee. This fee will only be levied on the compulsory minimum deposit amount (i.e. the maximum administration fee is £200).

How to apply for a refund

Please complete and return the Request for Refund of Tuition Fee Deposit form.

Applications for a refund must be received by the University no later than six weeks after your intended course start date.

Requests for refund are submitted to the Admissions Service. The Admissions Manager will consider requests and can authorise refunds in line with the approved criteria. Any exceptional cases are considered at discretion by the Director of Student Services. Any appeal against a decision is considered by the Director of Student Services whose decision is final.

What happens to my deposit if I defer?

If you are granted a deferral, your deposit will be rolled over to the year in which you expect to start your studies.

Does the University require me to pay a deposit before I can defer my programme?

 No. You can request deferral without paying a deposit.

If my visa is refused, what happens to my deposit?

Check ‘Will I get a refund if I cannot come to the University’ to find out whether you may be eligible to apply for a refund. You may request to have your place (and therefore your deposit) deferred to a later start date. However, the University will consider requests on a case-by-case basis as we cannot guarantee to issue a new Tier 4 CAS to a student who has had a visa refusal.

My question is not answered here, what shall I do?

If you have further queries, please contact Postgraduate Admissions at

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