graduation certifcate2

Your Certificate

Proof that you stayed the course.

If you are attending the ceremony, you will normally be presented with your certificate on the day.

If you cannot attend the ceremony, your certificate will be posted to your last registered home address. If you wish to have it posted to a different address please email Certificates are posted within the UK by 2nd class mail and to the EU and overseas by Air Mail.

If you live in China and have not purchased DHL Courier service, please complete this form to provide your home address in Chinese.

DHL courier delivery can be arranged to an overseas address (excluding UK addresses) by visiting the online shop. Please check DHL delivery is available to your country before purchasing. 

If you cannot attend the ceremony, fill out your graduation reply form and let us know where to post your certificate as soon as possible. If we do not receive a graduation reply form your certificate will automatically be posted to your last registered home address in early August 2018.

Certified True Copy of Certificate

A Certified True Copy certificate can only be issued if your original certificate has been lost or destroyed and replaces your original certificate.

Only one copy of your certificate may be in existence at any one time so before ordering please check you do not have your original certificate. Copy certificates carry the words 'Certified True copy' and replace your original certificate. The certified copy will bear the name you used when you graduated from the University of Hull.  The only retrospective changes that can be made to your certificate are where an administrative error has occurred or where we are required to make a retrospective change under the provisions of the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

To order a certified true copy visit the University of Hull online store.

Authenticated Copies of Certificates

If you are still in possession of your original certificate and require authenticated copies (e.g. to send off with applications for employment or further study) you will also need to send a copy (photocopy or scan) of your original certificate (if requested after graduation) with your application.  This should be good quality and clearly readable. If you require copies for more than one certificate authenticating (e.g. for an undergraduate and a postgraduate award) please complete a separate online order for each and provide a copy of each certificate.

To order an authenticated copy visit the University of Hull online store.  Please email or send a copy of your certificate to Registry Services, University of Hull, Hull HU6 7RX or  Unfortunately, we will not be able to process your application for copies until we receive a copy of your original certificate.

Our estimated turnaround time for issuing certified true copy certificates and authenticated copies can range between 7 – 10 working days once we receive the application but this may increase during peak business periods (registration, exams, and graduation).

Hull York Medical School

If you are a graduate of Hull York Medical School and require a replacement award certificate please order through the University of York online store.

Employer and Embassy Verifications

If an employer or embassy would like to verify that your certificate is genuine, we request that they use the UK Higher Education Degree Datacheck official service for candidate verification and university authentication. 


To order more copies of your transcript, please visit the University of Hull online store