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Your Certificate

Proof that you stayed the course.


Transcripts aredownloadable through MyHull portal. If you are a finalist, and have had your results conferred through a programme examination board, then your transcript will show in full. If you have not yet finished your course you can download your transcript, however it will show as provisional until you have completed your course. This is available to all current students and finalists from the 2020/21 academic year.

If you completed your course prior to the 2020/21 academic year you can purchase a transcript via the Online Payment Portal.


If you are a finalist in the 2020/21 academic year we will send your certificate to you in the post.

Students with home address in UK

Students based in the UK will have their degrees certificates posted out to the home address from late July onwards free of charge and recorded delivery. Please be patient as we produce and distribute certificates, and contact us only in the event that you haven’t received your certificate by 23 August 2021.

Students with home address in Europe

For students with a home address in Europe, your degree certificate will be sent free of charge via Airmail from early August. Please note that Airmail is not a trackable service and we recommend students purchase DHL delivery to enable them to track the progress of their certificate. Students wishing to use the DHL courier delivery service must purchase this option before the 30 July. Please note that this is not a service available to UK based students. DHL delivery can be purchased here.

Students with home address outside of Europe

We recommend that all students who wish for their certificate to be sent to an address outside of Europe also purchase DHL delivery. DHL delivery is a quicker, trackable service. Purchased the service here and select 'overseas'. Students wishing to use the DHL courier delivery service must purchase this option before the 30 July. If you would like for your certificate to be sent outside of Europe, but do not want to purchase DHL delivery for it, please log an enquiry via the MyHull Portal, so we can arrange for it to be sent via Airmail.  Certificates for students with home addresses outside of Europe will not be sent until we have received confirmation of the postal service that a student would like to use.

Replacement Certificates

If you are not a finalist of the 2020/21 academic year and have misplaced your certificate then you can purchase a replacement through our Online Payment Portal.

Hull York Medical School

If you are a graduate of Hull York Medical School and require a replacement award certificate please order through the University of York online store.

Employer and Embassy Verifications

If an employer or embassy would like to verify that your certificate is genuine, we request that they use the UK Higher Education Degree Datacheck official service for candidate verification and university authentication.