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The Enterprise Centre at the University of Hull is a thriving community of ambitious up-and-comers. We're more than an office space. Whether you're a recent graduate or a fledgling start-up, we'll help you develop your ideas, gain key business skills such as project management and marketing, and help you connect with established entrepreneurs to nurture your idea and turn your business into a success.

We inspire game changers.

Enterprise Centre

Entrepreneurial community

You'll be surrounded by a community of like-minded, enthusiastic, inspiring entrepreneurs. We can help you connect to share knowledge, experience and expertise. We're developing a business network club to bring you together with existing businesses to create a thriving business ecosystem.

Chris Hargreaves, the level scheme

"I have often said that within the decision to move into the Enterprise Centre lies the most important and useful development tool of my start-up. Whilst the facilities are excellent and potential clients enjoy meeting at such a spectacular location, it is within the relationships at the centre that the true value lies. Through help from the Graduate Entrepreneurship Project I, as a graduate of the University of Hull, have been given support both financial and advisory. The other tenants have been nothing short of spectacular in their willingness to advise fledglings like myself. And the support and advice systems provided by the management team only shows the careful selection procedure of members of staff and their own passion for business and entrepreneurship. A great decision and my business is where it is today because of this facility".

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