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Building on our rich heritage of groundbreaking discoveries - including the work that paved the way for the LCD screen you’re reading this on - our research tackles big challenges, whatever, or wherever they may be. Our research makes an impact on lives globally, every day and our current research portfolio spans everything from health to habitats, food to flooding and supply chains to slavery.

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Cultural Transformations

Our research is transforming cultures and communities across the region and beyond.

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Changing lives

Research at Hull isn't just about advancements on paper - our work in health changes lives at birth, during illness, and helps patients approach the end of their lives with dignity and respect.

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"Our planet is a blue planet. Over seventy percent of it is covered by the sea. The Pacific Ocean alone covers half the globe. You can fly across it non-stop for twelve hours and still see nothing more than a speck of land."

David Attenborough, BBC Blue Planet series 1

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Discover how our work is helping to drive low carbon innovation in the Energy Estuary and beyond.

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