magnus johnson

Dr Magnus Johnson

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Marine Science

Faculty of Science and Engineering

01482 466077

Dr Magnus Johnson is an environmental marine scientist with interests in crustaceans, fisheries science and management and statistical programming.


Research Interests

Crustacean Biology and Ecology

Sustainable Fisheries

Marine Environmental Management

Tropical Marine Systems

Research groups

Environmental Marine Ecology Research Group

Collaborations with Oxford University Natural History Museum, British Antartctic Survey, Holderness Fishing Industry Group, Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies


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Ennos, R and Johnson ML (2017) Statistical & Data Handling Skill in Biology, 4th edition. Pearson.


Ashelby, CW, Page, TJ, Dr Grave, S, Hughes, JM and Johnson, ML (2012) Regional scale speciation reveals multiple invasions of freshwater in Palaemoninae (Decapoda). Zoologica Scripta 41 (3), 293-306. DOI: 10.1111/j.1463-6409.2012.00535.x

Donson, NC, De Grave, S, Johnson, ML (2014) Linking eye design with host symbiont relationships in pontoniine shrimps (Crustacea, Decapoda, Palaemonidae) PloS one 9 (6), e99505.

Johnson, ML & Johnson M (2013) The Ecology and Biology of Nephrops norvegicus. Advances in Marine Biology Volume 64

Stummer, E, Weller, JA, Johnson, ML, Cote, IM (2004) Size and stripes: How fish recognise cleaners. Animal Behaviour. 68(1):145-150.

Tarling, GA and Johnson, ML (2006) Satiation gives krill that sinking feeling. Current Biology 16 (3), R83-R84. DOI:
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Programmes taught on (2019)

Modules list

L7 R Statistical Programming (50033)

L7 Environmental Impact Assessment (58041)

L7 Research Design (16967)

L6 Environmental Impact Assessment (50020)

L6 Malaysia Field Trip

L5 Aquatic Zoology (58058)

Research PhDs

I welcome applications from potential PhD or research MSc students interested in crustacean biology/ecology, fisheries science and management or environmental marine science.

Completed PhDs 

Knowles, Kathryn (2010) A holistic framework for environmental change : socio-environmental cohesion for sustainability (2nd with Angela Espinosa)

Cardoso Castro, Pedro-Pablo (2011) Facilitating self-organization in non-hierarchical communities : a methodology for regeneration programs (2nd with Angela Espinosa)

Ashelby, Christopher (2012) Taxonomic, systematic, morphological and biological studies on Palaemon Weber, 1795 (crustacea: decapoda: palaemonidae)

Christopher Barrett (2012) The ecology of intertidal fishes & the mechanisms which allow for their coexistence (2nd with Sue Hull)

Kirkbride-Smith, Anne (2014) The economic, social and conservation benefits of recreation-orientated artificial reefs

Dobson, N (2015) Aspects of the eyes of Pontoniine Decapods

James Wood (2015) Biology and Ecology of the Holderness Coast Lobster Fishery.

Current PhD supervisions 

Cowing, Daniel: Developing hatcheries for Nephrops Norvegicus

Roach, Michael: Interactions of lobster fishing and offshore windfarms

Teaching awards and accolades

HEA Fellow

PADI Open Water Instructor

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

BSc(Hons) Biology, Plymouth Polytechnic

MSc Marine and Fisheries Science, Aberdeen University

PhD, Aspects of Deepsea Shrimp Eyes, Leicester University

External roles

Slow Food (Slow Fish advocate)

National Federation of Fishermens Organisations

Marine Biological Society

Fisheries Society of Great Britian

Crustacean Society

British Trust for Ornithology