Jo Aspland

Research Assistant

Faculty of Health Sciences

01482 463858

Jo has worked as a researcher at the University of Hull for more than 10 years on a variety of health projects around nursing and disability.

These have included a study looking at the support received by disabled students off-campus, a study of older nurses and midwives in the NHS, and a Disability Rights Commission project on decisions relating to ‘fitness’ to train, qualify and work within the professions of teaching, nursing and social work.

She has also been involved in several projects examining the retention/attrition of pre-registration student nurses.


Research Interests

  • Nursing

  • Disability


Wray J, Aspland J, Barrett D, Gardiner E (2017), 'Factors Affecting the Programme Completion of Pre-Registration Nursing Students through a Three Year Course: A Retrospective Cohort Study', Nurse Education in Practice, 24, 14-20.

Wray J, Aspland J, Taghzouit J, Pace K (2013), 'Making the Nursing Curriculum more Inclusive for Students with Specific Learning Difficulties: Embedding Specialist Study Skills into a Core Module', Nurse Education Today, June 3, 33 (6), 602-7.

Wray J, Barrett D, Aspland J, Gardiner E (2012), 'Staying the Course: Factors Influencing Pre-Registration Nursing Student Progression into Year 2 – a Retrospective Cohort Study', International Journal of Nursing Studies, published online July.

Wray J, Aspland J, Gibson H, Stimpson A, Watson R (2009), 'A Wealth of Knowledge: A Survey of the Employment Experiences of Older Nurses and Midwives in the NHS', International Journal of Nursing Studies, 46 (7), 875-1034.

Fong J, Sin C, Wray J, Gibson H, Aspland J, Data Captain Ltd (2007), 'Assessments and Decisions Relating to 'Fitness' for Employment within Teaching, Nursing and Social Work: A Survey of Employers', Disability Rights Commission, London.

Professional highlights

Academic qualifications

  • BSocSc (Hons) Economics, University of Birmingham

  • MSc Engineering, University of Hull

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Social Science Research Methods, Nottingham Trent University