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Creativity lives and breathes at the University of Hull. Always has done, always will. It’s central to what universities do. But at Hull, we’re unfaltering in our passionate support of the arts and culture – whether that's on our campus or in the wider city. For example, we're once again sponsoring the legendary local music festival, Humber Street Sesh.

That’s why we’re ecstatic to be a principal partner of Hull UK City of Culture. Every four years, the UK City of Culture title passes to a different British city. And from 2017, it's been our turn to shine. That's been a huge economic shot in the arm for the area. And it's brought a programme of spectacular events and opportunities to get involved.




The greatest aspects of culture don’t appear one day only to disappear the next. Just look at the Ancient Greeks. Or the Romans. Or James Blunt. Here in Hull, we’re trying to build something that lasts – inspiring our students and the people of the city long into the future.

We’ve assessed the effects of City of Culture and how much economic value it's added to Hull (spoiler: it’s a lot). And we’ve looked at how culture influences people and places through our Culture, Place and Policy Institute.

We've got culture on campus, too. The art gallery's perfect for a moment’s calm, and our student societies cover interests from Anime to Big Band. Oh, and then there's Middleton Hall ...


Money can't buy happiness. but it can buy a state-of-the-art concert hall.

When it comes to culture, we’ve put our money where our mouth is. A £9.5-million investment has turned Middleton Hall into a world-class concert venue and creating brand new recording studios rivalled only by Abbey Road.

That’s on top of the £28 million spent on revamping the Brynmor Jones Library. It now houses an art gallery which played an integral part throughout 2017 and will continue to add colour to our campus in future: playing host to exhibitions curated by the National Museum and the National Portrait Gallery.

Campus highlight

Scottish Colourists from the Fleming Collection


The Scottish Colourists changed British art forever, creating a vivid and evocative form. This exhibition is drawn from the Fleming Collection, known as the finest private collection of Scottish art in existence.

Brynmor Jones Library

Until 15 July


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hull events coming up

Pride in Hull © Thomas Arran

Pride in hull 2018

Hull's annual celebration of the LGBT+ community. It kicks off with a rainbow-swathed parade through the city, building to a glittering climax with a massive party in Queen's Gardens. Put on your dancing shoes!

Queens Gardens, Hull City Centre

21 July


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Being City of Culture has changed Hull for good. It's created new opportunities to enjoy music, art, literature and the city's eclectic and dynamic vibe.

And our campus is now more cultured than ever. To find out how you can make the most of it, contact Marianne Lewsley-Stier via either of these routes ...

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