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"Shakespeare's Morals, The Stoic Legacy to the Renaissance"

Ben R. Schneider, Jr announces that "Shakespeare's Morals, The Stoic Legacy to the Renaissance" now makes available all the ethical authorities originally promised in April 1999. But equally worthy of note is that all his indexes to these books have been automated: if you want to know what Montaigne says that may help explain Hamlet in a book of his Essays, simply point to "Hamlet" in the index and click. The relevant passage or passages will instantly pop up. To find out what book indexes refer to "Hamlet" go to the BOOK page and use your borrower's FIND utility to search the indexes for that word. Beside tagging pertinent passages with the names of characters in Shakespeare, he has marked Stoic buzz words like "posterity " and "fortune" in the texts for indexing. There are about 2000 index-to-text links.

The site now presents Cicero's De Officiis, the six volumes of Seneca's moral works, three volumes of North's translation of Plutarch's Lives, a fourth volume in Dryden translation, Elyot's Governour, three books of Florio's translation of Montaigne's Essays, Books I, II, and VI of Spenser's Faerie Queene, Book I of Sidney's New Arcadia (index only), James I's Basilikon Doron, and Hall's Characters of the Virtues and Vices. Erasmus's Institution Of a Christian Prince will appear soon.

Ben R. Schneider, Jr
Emeritus. Lawrence University

Early Modern Culture

David Siar edits a new e-journal entitled Early Modern Culture, which is available through the English Server (at Carnegie Mellon University):

EMC features in-progress essays and responses, and the first issue contains work by a number of well-known critics, including Peter Stallybrass, Valerie Wayne, Graham Holderness, Jean Howard, and Phyllis Rackin.

The Arden Shakespeare

The Arden Shakespeare is delighted to announce the launch of a pioneering and unprecedented community space on the Internet for Shakespeare studies: ArdenNet.

Visit this new website at:

Entirely free, ArdenNet is a peer-reviewed, time-saving, interactive website which provides Shakespeare researchers and educators with:

The editorial board of ArdenNet includes:

For more information please contact:
Nicholas Kind,
Electronic Development Manager,
The Arden Shakespeare

Direct telephone: +44 (0)1932 262205

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