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Over the last three seasons  the Hull Natural History Society has been re-surveying the City and its environs on a one kilometre grid. A provisional version of this site is now available at

Comments on this new site would be appreciated via


The 1997 pilot version will also remain available from here for a while

The flora of a large city like Hull is constantly changing. By the time it had been studied, the results collated and published, the information would be out of date. This is an experimental project to investigate the feasibility of using the WWW as a medium for the dissemination of this type of data.

Rather than rely on existing records, which may be out of date, I have only uses records collected after 1st January 1996. The data set presented is now in its second generation.  Further field work during 1997 has added many new records and species, these have now been incorporated into the maps and text. Software developments during 1997 made it possible to provide full scientific and vernacular indexing, a serious shortcoming of the first version. Please e-mail me if you have any suggestions for enhancement or improvement.


Any information contained in these pages may be used freely on an "as seen" basis, providing that due acknowledgement is made. Although care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information it is inevitable that there will be some errors. I would be grateful for these errors to be pointed out but I cannot accept liability for any loss or embarrassment they may cause.

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