Directory of Royal Genealogical Data

At this site I have a database containing the genealogy of the British Royal family and those linked to it via blood or marriage relationships. It contains, in fact, the genealogy of almost every ruling house in the western world because of the intermarriage that took place between them at some time or another. There are in excess of 30,000 individuals from the earliest times to the present in the database. The date spread of the records is available for those interested, as well as statistics on the ten most popular monarchs, and the most prolific readers top 10.

The data may be browsed in several different ways. You can select indexes of the data that are ordered alphabetically, by dates, by ruling house or title or by some search string you specify. When you have located individuals you can then follow links to their most immediate family such as parents, spouse or children. You may also be able to follow links that lead to further data about a person held at in this database or others (even at other sites), or further information such a picture or sound recording. Links may also be to people mentioned in notes about someone.

A new (July 99) feature is a list of chronological implausibilities identified by an automatic scan of the data.

For further details on sources see the bibliography and also User Contributed Data Files.
You may also find the Answers to Frequestly Asked Questions useful.

This work is Copyright © 1994-2005 Brian C Tompsett.

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Catalog of Royal Family Lineages

This index allows you to select further indexes of specific ruling lines.

The database, of course, contains far more than just these selections.

I am following the structure of Morby in his work "Dynasties of the World". Those dynasties with entries in the database will have links that can be followed. Many do not; mainly because they have not yet been genealogically linked to the lines within the database. You should note that (with minor exceptions) everyone in the database is related either by blood or marriage. This is a genealogical work of reference rather than a historical one.


The Roman and Byzantine Worlds

The Roman Empire
The Kingdom of Numidia
The Herodian Kingdoms
Persia: the Sasanids
The Eastern Roman Empire
The Kingdom of Armenia
The Empire of Thessalonica
The Empire of Trebizond

The Barbarian West

The Visigothic Kingdom
The Vandal Kingdom
The Frankish Kingdom
The Ostrogothic Kingdom
The Lombard Kingdom
The Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

The Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

Monarchs of Kent
Monarchs of Bernicia
Monarchs of Deira and Northumbria
Monarchs of Mercia
Monarchs of Wessex


British Isles

Monarchs of England
Monarchs of Scotland
Monarchs of Britain
The Principality of Wales

The Peers of the Realm


The High Kingship of Ireland

Regional Irish Kings
Kings of Munster
Kings of Leinster
Kings of Thomond
Kings of Ailech
Kings of Connacht
Kings of Desmond


Monarchs of France
The County and Duchy of Anjou
The Duchy of Aquitaine
The Duchy of Bourbonnais
The Duchy of Brittany
The Count of Champagne
The Duchy of Normandy
The County of Provence
The County of Toulouse
The Principality of Monaco

The Low Countries

The County of Flanders
The County of Holland
The Duchy of Lower Lorraine
The County of Hainault
The Duchy of Brabant
The County of Artois
The Duchy of Burgundy
The County and Duchy of Luxemburg


The Monarchs of Italy
Naples and Sicily
The Este in Ferrara and Modena
The Montefeltro and Della Rovere in Urbina
The Visconti and Sforza in Milan
The Gonzaga in Mantua
The Medici in Florence
The Farnese and Bourbons in Parma
Sardinia and Savoy

The Iberian Peninsula

The Monarchs of León and Castile
The Monarchs of Navarre
The County of Barcelona
The Monarchs of Aragon

German Speaking Countries

Holy Roman Empire
The Duchy of Bavaria
The Duchy of Lorraine
The House of Brunswick-Lüneburg
The House of Hesse
The Electors of Brandenburg
Electors Palatinate
The County and Duchy of Württemberg
The Margraves of Baden
The House of Liechtenstein



Eastern Europe

The Monarchs of Bohemia
The Monarchs of Bulgaria
The Monarchs of Poland
The Monarchs of Lithuania
The Monarchs of Serbia and Yugoslavia
Monarchs of Hungary
Monarch of Modern Greece
Monarchs of Romania


The Tsars of Russia
The Princes of Kiev
The Princes of Vladimir

Crusader States

The Principality of Antioch
The Kingdom of Jerusalem
The County of Tripoli
The Kingdom of Cyprus
The Empire of Constantinople

Islamic Dynasties

The Calipate
The Caliphate of Cordoba

Searching the database

The following functions can search the database but they are so slow that the use of the catalog or pre-computed indexes is preferred. These indexes are computed when requested and you should allow for the slight delay whilst the data is extracted. Please also be considerate in not overloading my machine with your requests:

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