Master Index to presidents Genealogical Data - ordered by lastname

This dataset was created by:
Brian Tompsett
Department of Computer Science
University of Hull
Hull, UK, HU6 7RX


This data is a duplicate of that available for public ftp as further information The notes for this data are reproduced here: This file is adapted from Funk & Wagnells Special Edition "The Presidents". It is meant as an easy reference companion to the GEDCOM file(s) available for the american presidents. A complete BK5 data set for all 42 presidents (mostly information from the previously existing individual .GED files) is also available from the author of this LaTeX file (in uuencoded .ZIP format). Prepared on May 1, 1994 by Otto-G. Richter (, EFFNOD::RICHTER) Click here to access the source for the gedcom to html converter sources. Click here to obtain a copy of the original gedcom file from this server.

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