Genealogy of the US Presidents

This database is a web browsable version of the published Gedcom of the genealogy of the US Presidents.

I did not research the genealogy, or type it in, my role was only to represent the data to enable it to be web browsable. The data was extracted from the book published by Funk & Wagnell's called "The Presidents".

I am, therefore, unable to vouch for the accuracy of the data, or make changes or corrections.

Added Value

This database contains, in addition to data from the published Gedcoms, links to other genealogical databases and sites with information on the same people.

Finding your way around

The data can be accessed in several ways. You can use the index which has been organised in surname order, an index of Presidents, or various search functions. The search functions frequently do not achieve the desired result due to the loading the put on my machine and the large number of users.

Other data

This database is part of a larger set of genealogical databases held at the University of Hull. The particular focus is on Royal and Noble genealogy.

You may also be interested in the Presidents Libraries which is part of the Leadership Information Archives.

The Whitehouse also supplies US Government Information about the Presidents.

Presidential Index

  1. 1789-1797 George Washington
  2. 1797-1801 John Adams
  3. 1801-1809 Thomas Jefferson
  4. 1809-1817 James Madison
  5. 1817-1825 James Monroe
  6. 1825-1829 John Quincy Adams
  7. 1829-1827 Andrew Jackson
  8. 1837-1841 Martin van Buren
  9. 1841-1841 William Henry Harrison
  10. 1841-1845John Tyler
  11. 1845-1849 James Knox Polk
  12. 1849-1850 Zachary Taylor
  13. 1850-1853 Millard Fillmore
  14. 1853-1857 Franklin Pierce
  15. 1857-1861 James Buchanan
  16. 1861-1865 Abraham Lincoln
  17. 1865-1869 Andrew Johnson
  18. 1869-1877 Ulysses Simpson Grant
  19. 1877-1881 Rutherford Birchard Hayes
  20. 1881-1881 James Abram Garfield
  21. 1881-1885 Chester Alan Arthur
  22. 1885-1889 Grover Cleveland
  23. 1889-1893 Benjamin Harrison
  24. 1893-1897 Grover Cleveland
  25. 1897-1901 William McKinley
  26. 1901-1909 Theodore Roosevelt
  27. 1909-1913 William Howard Taft
  28. 1913-1921 Woodrow Wilson
  29. 1921-1923 Warren Gamaliel Harding
  30. 1923-1929 Calvin Coolidge
  31. 1929-1933 Herbert Clark Hoover
  32. 1933-1945 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  33. 1945-1953 Harry S Truman
  34. 1953-1961 Dwight David Eisenhower
  35. 1961-1963 John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  36. 1963-1969 Lyndon B Johnson
  37. 1969-1974 Richard Milhous Nixon
  38. 1974-1977 Gerald Rudolph Ford
  39. 1977-1981 James Earl Carter Jr.
  40. 1981-1989 Ronald Wilson Reagan
  41. 1989-1993 George Herbert Walker Bush
  42. 1993-2001 William Jefferson Clinton
  43. 2001- George Walker Bush

Getting your own copy of the data

You can upload your own copy of the original gedcom file from Hull or the data in Brother's Keeper format from Penn State University.
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