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Palmer, William Waldegrave, Earl of Selborne 2nd

Born: 17 OCT 1859
Acceded: 1895
Died: 26 FEB 1942

Father: Palmer, Roundell, Earl of Selborne 1st, b. 27 NOV 1812

Mother: Waldegrave, Laura

Married 27 OCT 1883 to Gascoyne-Cecil, Beatrix Maud

Child 1: Palmer, Mabel Laura Georgiana, b. 6 OCT 1884
Child 2: Palmer, Roundell Cecil, Earl of Selborne 3rd, b. 15 APR 1887
Child 3: Palmer, Robert Stafford Arthur, Capt., b. 26 SEP 1888
Child 4: Palmer, William Jocelyn Lewis, Capt., b. 15 SEP 1894

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