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Eysteinsson, Ragnvald I the wise of More

Acceded: ABT 872
Died: ABT 894
AKA Rognvald Mere-Earl.

Father: Glumra, Eystein the Noisy, Jarl of the Uplanders, b. 788

Mother: Ragnvaldsdottir, Ascrida

Associated with , Groa

Child 1: Rognvaldsson, Hallad, Earl of orkney
Child 2: Rognvaldsson, Turf-Einar, Earl of Orkney
Child 3: Ragnvaldsson, Hrollaug

Married to Hrolfsdottir, Ragnhild (Hildr)

Child 4: Ragnvaldsson, Ivar
Child 5: Ragnvaldsson, Rolf the Ganger, Duke of Normandy 1st, b. 846
Child 6: Ragnvaldsson, Thori the Silent, Jarl of More

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