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Hiesmes, William of, Count of Eu

Died: 2 JAN
Interred: Collegiate Church of Eu
Count of Heismes and Eu, Lord of Monstreul.
Some sources don't show William as the son of Richard at all.
The Complete Peerage vol.V,pp.151-152.
See Europäisch Stammtafeln n.f. Band III.4 Tafel 693.

Father: Normandy, Richard I the Fearless of, Duke of Normandy 3rd, b. 933

Married to d'Harcourt, Lefieltna (Lesceline)

Child 1: Lisieux, Hugh of, Bishop of Lisieux
Child 2: Soissons, William of, Count of Soissons
Child 3: d'Eu, Robert, Count of Eu
Child 4: FitzWilliam, Pons

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