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Normandy, Richard II the Good of, Duke of Normany 4th

Acceded: 996
Died: 28 AUG 1026

Father: Normandy, Richard I the Fearless of, Duke of Normandy 3rd, b. 933

Mother: Crêpon, Gunnor of

Married ABT 1000 to , Judith of Brittany

Child 1: , Richard III of Normandy, Duke of Normandy 5th
Child 2: Normandy, Robert II the Devil of, Duke of Normandy 6th, b. CIR 1008
Child 3: , William (Nicholas), Monk at Féchamp
Child 4: , Alice (Adelaide, Judith)
Child 5: , Daughter
Child 6: , Eleanora of Normandy

Married 1017 Divorce to , Estrith (Margaret) of Denmark

Married ABT 1024 to , Papia of Envermeu

Child 7: , Mauger of Rouen, Archbishop of Rouen
Child 8: , William of Arques, Count of Arques
Child 9: , Papia

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