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, Richard II, King of England

Picture of person 1412

Born: 6 JAN 1367, Bordeaux, Gascony, France
Acceded: 16 JUL 1377, Westminster Abbey, London, England
Died: 6 JAN 1400, Pontefract Castle, Yorkshire
Interred: 1413, Westminster Abbey, London, England
Reigned 1377-1399 deposed and murdered

Father: , Edward The Black Prince, Prince of Wales, b. 15 JUN 1330

Mother: Plantagenet, Joan "The Fair Maid of Kent", Countess of Kent, b. 29 SEP 1328

Married 20 JAN 1382, St Stephen's Chapel, Westminster Palace to , Anne of Bohemia

Married 1 NOV 1396, St Nicholas' Church, Calais, France to de France, Isabella

Child 1: Maudelyn, Richard

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