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, Stephen, King of England

Born: ABT 1096, Blois,France
Acceded: 26 DEC 1135, Westminster Abbey, London, England
Died: 25 OCT 1154, Dover Castle, Kent
Interred: Faversham Abbey, Kent
Reigned 1135-1154. He siezed the throne from Matilda who invaded England in
1139. The civil war that followed proved him a brave soldier but revealed his
lack of political sense. In 1152, after much of the country had been ravaged
in factional fighting and the royal administration had broken down, Stephen
recognized Matilda's son Henry as heir to the throne.
Duke of Normandy 1135-1144, deposed. Duke of Blois, Count of Mortain, Count of

Father: , Stephen II Henry of Blois, Count of Blois, b. ABT 1045

Mother: , Adela, Countess of Blois, b. ABT 1067

Married 1125, Westminster, London, England to , Matilda of Boulogne, Countess of Boulogne

Child 1: , Baldwin, b. ABT 1126
Child 2: , Eustace of Boulogne, Count/Earl of Boulogne, b. 1130/31
Child 3: , Matilda, b. ABT 1133
Child 4: de Blois, William, of Boulogne _____, Earl of Surrey 4, b. ABT 1134
Child 5: , Mary of Boulogne, Countess of Mortaigne, b. ABT 1136

Associated with , Dameta of Normandy, Gentlewoman

Child 6: , Gervaise of Westminster, Abbot of Westminster, b. CIR 1117
Child 7: , Almaric
Child 8: , Ralph
Child 9: , William
Child 10: , Sybilla

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