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, Adela, Countess of Blois

Born: ABT 1067, Normandy, France
Died: 8 MAR 1137, Marcigny-sur-Loire,France
Interred: Abbey of Holy Trinity, Caen, Normandy
became a Nun at Cluniac Priory in widowhood.

Father: , William I the Conqueror, King of England, b. 1028

Mother: , Matilda of Flanders, b. ABT 1031

Married CIR 1081, Chartres Cathedral, France to , Stephen II Henry of Blois, Count of Blois

Child 1: , Humbert of Blois, Count of Virtus
Child 2: de Champagne, William, Count of Chartes
Child 3: , Theobald III of Blois, Count of Blois 4, b. ABT 1088
Child 4: , Stephen, King of England, b. ABT 1096
Child 5: , Henry of Winchester, Bishop of Winchester, b. CIR 1099
Child 6: , Matilda
Child 7: , Odo
Child 8: , Lithiuse (Adele)
Child 9: , Phillip of Châlon, Bishop of Chalon
Child 10: , Agnes of Blois
Child 11: , Eleanor of Blois
Child 12: , Alice of Blois

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