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, William II Rufus, King of England

Born: 1056/60, Normandy, France
Acceded: 26 SEP 1087, Westminster Abbey, London, England
Died: 2 AUG 1100, New Forest, Hampshire
Interred: Winchester Cathedral,Winchester,England
Reigned 1087-1100. His harsh rule aroused baronial and acclesiastical
opposition, notably from Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury. He made several
attempts to recover Normandy from his elder brother Robert and was killed by
an arrow while hunting. He may have been assasinated by order of his younger
bother who became Henry I. Had Red Hair. He had very little time for religion
and presided over a liberal court but treated his subjects brutally. He was
reluctant to fill church vacancies and waited 4 years to apoint Anselm.

Father: , William I the Conqueror, King of England, b. 1028

Mother: , Matilda of Flanders, b. ABT 1031
Child 1: , Berstrand

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