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Plantagenet, Edmund of Langley, Duke of York

Born: 5 JUN 1341, King's Langley,Herts
Baptized: King's Langley,Herts
Acceded: 6 AUG 1385, Hoselaw, Teviotdale
Died: 1 AUG 1402, King's Langley,Herts
Interred: Church of the Medicant Friars, Herts
Earl of Cambridge 1362.
See Europäisch Stammtafeln Band II tafel 62.
See The Complete Peerage v.XIIpII,pp.895-899.

Father: , Edward III, King of England, b. 13 NOV 1312

Mother: , Philippa of Hainault, b. 24 JUN 1311

Married ABT 1 MAR 1372, Hertford Castle to , Isabella of Castile

Child 1: Plantagenet, Edward of York, Duke of York 2, b. 1373
Child 2: Plantagenet, Constance, b. CIR 1374
Child 3: Plantagenet, Richard of Conisburgh, Earl of Cambridge, b. CIR 1375

Married BEF 4 NOV 1393 to Holland, Joan

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