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Plantagenet, Lionel of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence

Born: 29 NOV 1338, Antwerp,Brabant
Acceded: 13 NOV 1362
Died: 17 OCT 1368, Alba, Piedmont, Italy
Interred: Clare Priory, Suffolk
Some say died 10 Dec 1363. Burke say married 1352.
Earl of Ulster. Said that he died of food poisoning.

Father: , Edward III, King of England, b. 13 NOV 1312

Mother: , Philippa of Hainault, b. 24 JUN 1311

Married 15 AUG 1342, Tower of London,London,England to de Burgh, Elizabeth (Isabella), Countess of Ulster

Child 1: Plantagenet, Philippa of Ulster, Countess of Ulster, b. 16 AUG 1355

Married 28 MAY 1368, Church of St Maria Maggiore,Milan,Italy to Visconti, Violante of Milan

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