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Windsor, Elizabeth II Alexandra Mary, Queen of Britain

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Born: 21 APR 1926, 17 Bruton Street,London,W1,England
Acceded: 2 JUN 1953, Westminster Abbey, London, England

Father: Windsor, George VI (Albert), King of Britain, b. 14 DEC 1895

Mother: Bowes-Lyon, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite, Queen of Britain, b. 4 AUG 1900

Married 20 NOV 1947, Westminster Abbey, London, England to Mountbatten, Philip, Prince, Duke of Edinburgh

Child 1: Windsor, Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, b. 14 NOV 1948
Child 2: Windsor, Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, Princess Royal, b. 15 AUG 1950
Child 3: Windsor, Andrew Albert Christian Edward, Duke of York, b. 19 FEB 1960
Child 4: Windsor, Edward Anthony Richard, Earl of Wessex, b. 10 MAR 1964

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