Middlegate Quarry

South Ferriby


This page is not complete. Some of the information is scanned from my field notes and will be re-drawn at a later date, so I apologise if it is a bit untidy! Mike

General geology of the quarry

Stratigraphic log of the Jurassic Rocks

Stratigraphic log of the Albian and Cenomanian Rocks

Stratigraphic log of the Turonian Rocks

The Black Band Anoxic Event explained

Picture of the Red Chalk

Pictures of the Grey Bed Blocks and in situ

Picture of Black Band Member (Cenomanian-Turonian Boundary)

Picture of a Turrilites (spiral ammonite) Cenomanian age.
Picture of part of a large Austiniceras ammonite, Cenomanian age.
Picture of two Inoceramus bivalves from the Red Chalk

Picture of an Ichthyosaur vertebra from the Carstone

Bibliography of the Yorkshire Chalk

Yorkshire Chalk Homepage

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