The Geology of the Yorkshire Chalk



Introduction to the Yorkshire Chalk

Life in the Chalk Sea (a display for the Treasure House in 2010)

A history of amateur research

Stratigraphy of the Chalk

Photographs of the Chalk

Ammonites from the Chalk

Pictures of Chalk Fossils

Rifle Butts SSSI

Middlegate Quarry ,South Ferriby , Lincs, SSSI

The Black Band

Bibliography of the Yorkshire Chalk

"Friends of the Chalk Group"new discussion group

Links to other sites about Chalk and the Upper Cretaceous



Acknowledgments - thanks to Arnold Webb, Charlie Underwood, Colin Ostler, Derek Gobbett, Gordon Binns, Gordon Ostler, Ian Scott, Ken Mannion, Lynden Emery, Mike Boyd, Nigel Whittington, Paul Whittlesea, Terry Rockett and the Hull Geological Society for some of the photos and information.

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