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(Diocesan Office, 14 Tufton Street, London, SW1P 3QZ)
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For full information on the Diocese of Europe, see Diocese in Europe Directory.
Archdeacon of North West Europe: The Venerable John de Wit (2008)
V Hogendorpstraat 26,
3581 KE Utrecht
T: +31 30 251 34 24
F: +31 30 254 1580

For details of staff and service times, please click on the link for each church. Some telephone numbers are given on this page, but their accuracy is not guaranteed!

  • Amsterdam: Christ Church, Groenburgwal 42, 1011 HW Amsterdam. Tel. +31-20-6248877 E-mail:
  • Brunssum with Maastricht: International Chapel Centre, HQ AFCENT, Brunssum. Tel. +31-45-5262804.
  • East Netherlands (Arnhem, Nijmegen and Twente)
  • Arnhem: St Willibrord's Church, Adolf van Niuwenaarlaan, 3a. Services at 17:00 on 2nd & 4th Sundays
    Nijmegen: Studentenkerk, Prof van Weliestraat, 1.  Services at 17:00 on 1st & 3rd Sundays
    On the Arnhem-Nijmegen web site follow link under 'Kerken in Arnhem' to Anglicaanse Kerk
    Twente: Goor : St. Mary the Virgin, Weldam, Goor. Tel.+31-26-495-0620. E-mail:
  • Eindhoven: Trinity Church (Multidenominational) at Het Pensionaat Eikenburg Chapel, Aalsterweg 289, 5644 RE Eindhoven. Tel. +31-499-330222. E-mail:
  • Groningen: At the Catholic Apostolic Church., Witte de Wittstraat 2. Info Tel. +31-50-3129858.
  • Haarlem: English Church at the Old Catholic Cathedral of St. Anne and St. Mary, Kinderhuissingel 74. Info Tel. +31- 20-6457103.
  • The Hague: St John and St Philip, Ary van der Spuyweg 1, 2585 HA The Hague. Tel. +31-70-3555359. E-mail:
  • Heiloo: Christ Church: Services are held every Sunday at the Ter Coulsterkerk (formerly the Moeder Gods kerk) on the Holleweg in Heiloo.
  • Rotterdam: St Mary, Pieter de Hoochweg 133, 3024 BG Rotterdam. Tel. +31-10-4764043.
  • Schiedam: The Missions to Seamen, Admiral Trompstraat 1, 3115 HK Schiedam. Tel. +31-10-4270063.
  • Utrecht with Amersfoort, Harderwijk and Zwolle. Utrecht: Holy Trinity, Van Limburg - Stirumplein (Vicinity Wilhemina Park). Tel. +31-30-2513424
  • Vlissingen: Saint Nicholas's Chapel at Flying Angel Club, Scheldepoort, 4388 RK Vlissingen-Oost. Info Tel. +31-118-467063
  • Voorschoten: St. James. Sunday Services at the British School, Jan van Hooflaan 3.
    Tel. +31-71-5611528,  E-mail:
  • Zwolle. Services at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Koestraat, Zwolle, Holy Communion 1st Sunday of the month 18:00 and Evening Prayer 3rd Sunday 15:00. Contact 0031-38-4544580. E-mail:

NOTE: The Anglican Church is in full communion with the Old Catholic churches. For a complete list of Dutch Old Catholic (Oud-Katholieke) (OKK) parishes with links to their services (usually in Dutch) and times, see the OKK's List of Old Catholic Parishes.

For other (non-Anglican) churches in the Netherlands with services in English, see Andrew Spink's English church services page.



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