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As an interim step towards an Institute our Computational Science Initiative(CSI) is currently manifested as a Computational Science Research Group - known as CSRG in Computer Science at the University of Hull. CSRG is also a key component of The Digital Centre at the University of Hull, which is the anchor site for our digital activities. "Digital" may be becoming the new word subsuming "Computational"...

CSRG comprises:

Research Interns:

  • Declan Whiting (2014-15)
  • Ashley Fairburn (2015)
  • Oliver Scholten (2015, 2016)
  • Chris Aldred (2016)
  • Sebastian Dabrowski (2016)
  • Sam Murphy (2016)
  • Jason Powney (2016)
  • Nick Ross (2016)

Affiliate External Researchers and Members:

CSRG has already produced some Technical Reports based on some of our research activities. You can get involved with CSRG: as a PhD student; or as a Summer Intern under our Research Experiences for Undergraduates programme; or as a research collaborator in acaemia, industry or a governmental agency. Contact Prof Ken Hawick for inquiries.

Broadly, the Computational Science Research Group (CSRG) is focussing on the following technological areas of computational science:

In addition to its core "Digital" mission, CSRG also has activities spanning applications in:

  • Freight and Passenger Logistics
  • Marine and Maritime Systems
  • Energy and Renewable Systems
  • Economic and Financial Models
  • Health Informatics
in each of which we are developing data science applications as well as integrated systems, and relevent models and simulations.

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