In winter 2011, 70 scientists gathered at the Aspen Center for Physics to discuss and research the biophysics of microscale marine processes. It was an overwhelmingly positive event and it nucleated a group of researchers that had not formed a cohesive unit before. This meeting is now widely cited in the field, has led to numerous new collaborations, and generated a follow-up meeting in 2013 at the School of Physics at Les Houches (France).

We are now pleased to announce the next meeting in the series will be in Aspen again, from the 12th to the 16th January 2015. Registration is now open through the ACP website and ends on the 15th October.

As before, this meeting will be focused on the physics underlying biological interactions at microscale. The study of the microscale dynamics of the ocean will significantly benefit from a stronger input by physicists, and will simultaneously present physicists with a new set of problems in need of quantitative tools and mechanistic thinking. Bringing these crucial issues to the attention of the wider physical community is one of the primary aims of this symposium.


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ACP Public seminar
Mark Denny (Stanford)

ACP Science Café
Mimi Koehl (Berkeley)
Lee Karp-Boss (University of Maine)

Invited speakers
Colin Steadmon (Technical University of Denmark)
Curtis Deutsch (University of Washington)
Mark Hay (Georgia Tech)
Benjamin van Mooy (WHOI)
Rachel Foster (Stockholm University)
Gabriel Juarez (MIT)

Graphical communication workshop
Glynn Gorick

The Organising Committee
Roman Stocker (MIT)
Stuart Humphries (University of Hull)
Thomas Kiørboe (Technical University of Denmark)
Lee Karp-Boss (University of Maine)
Justin Seymour (University of Technology, Sydney)