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Langdale family papers

The Langdale family were settled at Houghton in East Yorkshire by the 14th century. The senior branch of the family remained Catholic after the Reformation. The papers include an abstract of family title to tithes 1706-1820, papers about the Roman Catholic chapel at Houghton Hall, papal sanctioning of images and the protest of the vicar in 1863 about bell-ringing during a Roman Catholic wedding [DDLA/12/3, 20-21; DDLA/15/9]. Other religious material in the collection includes letters and drawings of Kirkham Abbey [DDLA/13/1-2], papers and pamphlets about the persecution and relief of Roman Catholics [DDLA/38/5, 50, 60-61, 68, 74, 85-107] and the 1813 annual report of the Liverpool Benevolent Society of St Patrick [DDLA/38/9]. Correspondence 1812-1937 includes a letter of 1812 addressed to P W Hervey from a member of the Prince Regent's household touching upon Catholic affairs [DDLA/35/9] and the letters and papers of Charles Langdale (1787-1868) and his son, Charles Joseph Langdale (1822-1895), are largely taken up with the subject of Roman Catholic worship in England [DDLA/35/1, 3, 5-6, 8]. Letters to Philip Langdale (1863-1950) include topics such as his position as private chamberlain to Pope Pius X [DDLA/35/12]. Estate papers for Ireland have come through the Grattan family and include papers about the site of the friary of Stradbally, some leases and the institution of Richard Marley, Dean of Ferns, to the rectory of Loghill in 1772 [DDLA/31/1, 12, 14-15]. There are letters about Henry Grattan's (1746-1820) involvement in Irish and English Catholic political affairs [DDLA/39]. Papers for Colonel Andrew Dennis O'Kelly (c.1755-1820) include more material on Catholic affairs including the 1810 declaration of the Irish bishops respecting the pope [DDLA/40].

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