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Shifting Baselines: INCOFISH WP2 Data Pages

Workpackage 2
Fish in Time: Circadian Rhythms (Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology:

The Shifting Baselines: INCOFISH WP2 Data Pages are a research resource. Comprising information derived largely from historical records relating to fishing catches and effort in selected spatial and temporal contexts, the pages are organised as follows:

About INCOFISH WP2 outlines the methods, structure and products of INCOFISH Workpackage 2.

The Data Store contains downloadable processed datasets.

The Data Search facility enables visitors to search across the processed datasets and to construct their own customised datasets.

Data are presented in visual forms on the Backflash Animations page.

Details of the various meetings convened as part of the INCOFISH WP2 project are provided on the Workshop Reports page.

Data Submission contains guidelines for project members who are assembling historical information for inclusion in the INCOFISH WP2 Data Pages.

Useful Links to the websites of INCOFISH WP2 partners and related projects are listed on this page.

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The Shifting Baselines: INCOFISH WP2 Data Pages have been developed by David J Starkey, WP2 Leader and John Nicholls, WP2 Data Administrator, to whom enquiries should be addressed.

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