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 NRICH has built a substantial archive of mathematics resources which currently surface through the various search facilities of the site – mostly based around the subject specific categories defined by BECTA/QCA metadata. However, we feel we can make better use of this archive by designing and packaging Learning Trails which can be explored by learners and parents at home, and which can inform and guide teaching in the classroom. We expect to future-proof these trails and maximise their reusability by adopting IMS specifications.

 It is expected that Simple Sequencing will provide a way to encode navigation that will help guide learners – perhaps working at home with family support – to appropriate problems and investigations. Trails will be built around interactive investigative environments constructed in Flash. A learner’s explorations and responses will inform the rules of the sequencing service, and guide progress by suggesting further enrichment material at an appropriate level of difficulty.

 This project aims to construct two such rich trails as demonstrators. Probable candidates are the Shuffles trail to develop intuition about finite groups built around a Flash interactivity based on permutations, and a trail aimed at developing number sense through investigating patterns of factors and multiples. Initially a simple linear trail will be built to test the feasibility of the integration of the technologies.

Evaluation and Test plan
Progress Report on WP 2 & 3 - 21 May 2005